Monday, 12 August 2013

No rewards today

On Sunday Mistress left in the morning to a work assignment of Hers. i know She was doing some work together with a male colleague, but i'm pretty sure She isn't secretly cuckolding me. For me She left a challenge: if i can think of 10 tasks which improve O/our home and complete them, i get a reward. i said right away this is really difficult. i could easily COMPLETE 10 tasks, but to PLAN them, is hard for a slave, not used to thinking.

Well i explained my predicament to Lina who brought me to the laundry room, we piled dried laundry, started the washing machine and ironed two jackets and a tablecloth that had been waiting for some time to be ironed. Then i washed O/our fireplace, cleaned up the kitchen, brought firewood inside, kept fire in the fireplace. However i didn't quite get 10 tasks together and did not get any reward. Instead She took me for another walk with Her deciding each turn as She always does. In the evening i had to warm up the sauna and prepare a large amount of creamy salmon soup as the rest of us were watching TV.

Next week went without much to report, Mode 1. my piercing had been a bit sore for some time, but Next Saturday it had felt cured, so i locked my penis again with two locks.

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  1. s2mW, I cannot really agree on your assessment that a slave is just unable to think on his own. In my opinion, any slave should be very capable of that - with his first aim being to pleasure his Master or Mistress by all means by doing so, thinking of ways to maximize such pleasure. However, this is of course just my own pov, and I do not think you have to agree to that.
    Stay well and good - and best regards to your Mistress! Roland