Friday, 27 September 2013

A session in a hotel room

Next weekend W/we went to my uncle's funeral to mid-Norway, and W/we stayed at a small hotel in a small town. Kids stayed at home, they have just reached the age that W/we can do so and that's great.

Mistress ordered me to take along a bag full of toys of my own choice. i took things like leather helmet, plastic black mini skirt, corset and stockings for Her, ball gag, restraints etc.

She called the shots during O/our stay, deciding W/we'll take a long walk first when W/we arrive, deciding the route etc.

Back at the hotel She ordered me to undress and put the electric dog training collar round my neck. But it had been turned on all the time and battery had worn off. Instead She ordered me ankle and wrist bracelets and the dog collar with a leash. She ordered me to remove Her tights. It was a bit cold so She decided to put on stockings and black leather boots.

She ordered me to kneel and lock the bracelets all together. i asked how She wanted my hands: between legs, She said. She went to the toilet and i waited ass up between the hotel beds. As She returned She took the cat-o-9-tales and started whipping my ass, switching to hit my balls with the handle. i was howling uncontrollably, and i feared that my cries could attract attention. i asked for a gag, but Mistress said no-one hears as a dance band was playing just below U/us. She said i sounded just like a little fearful dog howling.

She made me lick Her boots which was oh so lovely, and She even put my leash between the sole and heel of Her boot and yanked my head down to the boot by the leash, making me kiss and lick them. That made my sissy clit stand at attention, but soon the noise from the restaurant or something else distracted me and made my penis stay soft throughout most of the evening. i was practically impotent, something that has not happened to me after W/we started D/s. She put on the corset and made me suckle Her breasts, lick buttocks and finally lay on my back as She straddled my face and made me lick Her pussy, but i couldn't get myself hard. Without fingering me She went to bed and woke up angry in the morning as i gently woke Her up by hugging Her.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Licking Her - doggy style

Next day i epilated my crotch again in the morning. Mistress decided i will not do it on weekdays, but i will do it on weekends. i spent a long time shopping for groceries and then prepared lunch.

In the evening W/we sneak into bedroom early because She wants to fuck. She chooses for me leather ankle and wrist bracelets and ball weights, as i said they might make my balls bang sensually against Her clit while fucking Her doggystyle. She chooses Herself a corset and stockings, high heels, nothing else.

First She makes me shave Her pussy lips and narrow Her pubic hair a bit. Next She ties me up on my back to the bed, settles on top of me and inches towards my face until i could support my head with my arms and start licking Her sex. After a long while She moves back, and settles on my bare dick, taking it inside Her. She moves up and down, fucking me, then raises Herself letting me fuck Her. She frees my hands, sending me off to get a condom, which She rolls on my member, foreskin back. She warns me that i am not going to be allowed to come.

She orders me by the bed on my knees, and kneels on the bed Her backside towards me: 'Lick me from behind. I like it when you lick me from behind.' i had to stick my nose to Her anus to lick Her pussy. Then She wants me to mount Her doggystle. i start intense, quality fucking, but just as She was nearing orgasm so was i and W/we needed to have a break. After the break W/we had to start again, me on my back, Her on top. W/we resumed doggystyle, but same thing happened, i was too close, and it started to seem too difficult to get Her to vaginal orgasm without me cumming too. W/we tried it on O/our sides, to no avail. Once more doggy style, now i kept deep inside Her all the time, moving only in little jerky motions. This turned out to be a success, She started to orgasm quickly, and i could fuck Her all through Her orgasm without the slightest risk of cumming. W/we stayed lying, my sissy clit hard as ever inside Her, utilizing the last chances of getting wonderful friction inside Her pussy. i did a few fucking motions every now and then. Until She forbade that as 'masturbation'. Now it was time for me to wash up and go to sleep with my hard-on

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Day off - as Mistress's maid

Yesterday was the long awaited day, my day off together with Mistress. Preparations started already the day before, as She ordered me to prepare food so that O/our time together doesn't all be spent on chores. i made a large amount of chicken risotto.

It turned out a busy day for me: i was at Her beck and call from morning till evening. It started with a tea for Her and footwash-pedicure session. She sat on the sofa and ordered me to fetch a basin full of water with herbs, foot file, towel, nail polish remover and nail polishes. After a long pedicure session She ordered me to empty the water in the scullery sink, catch the herbs in the sink trap and take them away. However i forgot the last part, She found the herbs in the sink, and made me eat part of them - nice, soaked in footwash water, lain in sink trap in the scullery.

She made me get a corset and stockings, and provided me with a black lycra (spandex) t shirt and ordered me to take a wide short black skirt from the laundry basket. i was not to put them on yet, She ordered me to remove the cb and She gave me a supervised shower and also ordered me to take a swim in O/our coldish pool first. Then She ordered me to shave my crotch the same way i used to, and also armpits and nipple surroundings. i asked about pubic hair, and She approved my suggestion of a narrow landing strip. She ordered me to leave the door open. i had not been epilating any more in a couple of months so all hair had grown back. First i used the trimmer head of electric razor to shave myself all over, then used razorblades on the balls, and finished everything up with the epilator. Last i shortened the landing strip hair to 10mm. My sissy clit was oozing precum like no tomorrow. i like shaving my crotch, it seems. She came back, inspected my work and took me with Her. She said if it was too late to put on the cb now. my sissy clit was hard, but i managed to pull the a-ring on, and left it half mast, hoping it doesn't act as a penis ring that way.

Now i was clean and shaved and allowed to dress up. She had to help me with the leather corset, tying a knot to the draw-in strings at my back. Then followed stockings, the tight lycra t-shirt and a nice ruffled skirt, all black. Now She ordered me to add a white Spanish lacy apron, and it was like a maid's costume. It felt wonderful, especially the silky underskirt against my sheer stockings and the pull of suspenders when walking. That feel was familiar to me since i was 13-14 and tried crossdressing for the first time and bought my first own female clothes. Still it was thrilling, maybe because i so rarely could do it, and almost never with my Wife. Hopefully it will change.

Now started the chores. i had to first clean up the mess of hair i had left in the bathroom. While i was working i managed to not think about sex and got myself back in the cb, though i was bulging through the bars. i didn't have panties, but i think i didn't drop precum everywhere. After i had also emptied the washing machine, brought dirty laundry from the basket upstairs and put a set of dark clothes selected by Mistress in the washing machine it was time to take Mistress to the town. i only replaced the apron and skirt with pants, so my ankles were clad only in sheer stockings, thrilling. Feet felt odd with stockings in man shoes.

Back at home i was to make lunch, and put effort into serving it. She mentioned candles, so i lit two candles as well, and pulled Her a chair as i had summoned Her. As i was wondering if i can sit on the other seat, She ordered me to eat by Her on the floor, so i moved my plate and utensils there, and started eating on my knees and elbows. i kept my head down and even started to lick the plate clean until She forbid that. It was so much like eating from doggy bowls. Next i provided Her tea and cleaned up kitchen. Every time as i was ready i approached Her, curtseyed and knelt before Her.

She ordered me upstairs, and took the jar with my session ideas on paperslips, took one, read both sides. Not happy with the content She took another slip, and ordered me to remove the cb and put clothespins to my balls. i took it i must put all of them, so eventually it was hard to find place where more could fit.

She lead me to living room where i took my place kneeling before Her, legs slightly spread because of the pegs. She ordered me to masturbate without cumming. i lifted my skirt with one hand and started to wank with the other, easing the grip each time i was nearing the edge. She was taking time, and was surprised i could continue for minutes without having to ask permission to stop. i didn't have to slow the rhythm much, only a light grip when near cumming did the trick.

Enough of that, She sent me to make Her tea and a warmed slice of pie, to me She ordered coffee, and one ball of vanilla ice cream. The pegs, at least some of them were now starting to take their toll, and they were biting really bad to different sides of my balls. i managed to prepare the dessert, serve it and eat mine from a glass bowl on the floor with ever increasing hurt in my balls. As She ordered me to empty the washing machine, i asked if i could remove the pegs, as they were hurting so much. She allowed me to take just 5 pegs off. i chose them myself, and got rid of most of the strong, badly hurting pegs. It helped, but for a surprisingly short time. As i hung the clothes on the lines, the remaining pegs, especially a few of them, were making my life a misery again. i had to secretly change some pegs to new locations. After the task i again asked to remove them. She ordered me to do 10 jumping jacks instead, being such a pussy. Jumping made the pegs rock and hurt like hell. Then She did give me right to remove them.

As She sat on the settee again and i knelt before Her, She ordered me to masturbate again, but ordered me to stop soon, and go put on street clothes on top of my corset and socks over my stockings. Kids were soon returning from school.

As Lina was at home, W/we left again for shops, and while there now the tight corset started taking its toll, and i got a headache and became angry. At home i asked if i could remove it and was approved. i still needed to report to Her and She made me cut two shirts to shreds in the evening. Then i had to take Lina to Her hobby.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

D/s versus S/M

A few days later She made another lottery and chose another paper slip. She ordered me to strip naked and open the toy chest, don my little leather corset. She needed to help me tighten the laces and draw the sides together in at the back. Next She ordered me to put on the ankle and wrist straps. She tied me spreadeagled to the bedposts and only then She noticed She forgot to make me put on stockings.

Anyway, She got a condom, and i was stiff as a stick as She started unwrapping it onto my shaft. She settled on my legs and started masturbating me, first coarsely later with short, fast movements until i started cumming. She stopped the motions, but kept Her hand around the base of my prick. That was enough for me to be able to experience about a normal orgasm. At least ejaculation was full, and i went through a down time after this.

As O/our D/s-relation had deteriorated back to S/M-sessions, Mistress noticed there had been more chores for Her, She even had to prepare meals a few times as She was at home and me at work. She didn't like it and in early April She sent me an SMS inviting me again as Her meek slave.

At home She made me make Her tea and a meal and polish Her boots and show them for Her approval. She didn't approve them on first and not the second time, until they were spotless.