Wednesday, 30 October 2013

She's calling the shots

Next weekend was again action packed. On Saturday Mistress ordered me outside. She gave me detailed orders, first to get certain type of earth, and then plant Her newest purchase to a hole She made me dig the previous weekend. Next She sent me for a wheelbarrow and spade and made me dig up certain flowers and move them to another flowerbed. Maybe i would have liked them in the old place, i don't know because She never asks for my opinion on anything in O/our house. She made wood chips out of branches with a noisy chipper-shredder, and i had to distribute the chips in certain flowerbeds. Then
She sent me to make shrimps in tomato - coconut milk sauce for lunch.

After lunch She ordered me to dress in slacks, a certain neat shirt She chose, and a trendy pullover. She didn't say where W/we leave. She's dressed smartly in boots, short pleated skirt, black tights and a short jacket. She orders me to drive to a nearby village famous for design studios. At the destination She tells me W/we are attending an opening of an exhibition. i get a thrill from Her taking me to places like this.

Sunday morning She orders me to put on sports clothes. She orders me to drive to a nearby running path in the woods, and decides W/we take two rounds. i cannot run the whole time, She waits for me. She's in better condition. My lungs hurt, i must slow down and walk, but She makes me try again and again until i'm exhausted.

After a fajitas lunch i prepared W/we take to our beach and She warms up the sauna. She sends me to the house to get towels etc., and also a condom. After warming Herself up in the sauna She takes a dip in the sea and orders me in the water as well. It is cold as freezing hell , but She guides me in the water so deep that She is satisfied.

O/our lovemaking doesn't succeed as i cannot make Her cum. The rest of the day i spend weeding the flower beds.  

Friday, 25 October 2013

Maid's dress arrives!

Next day W/we had meetings in the evening, so the only D/s action happened as i was in my thong going to bed, She was sitting on Her edge of the bed and She ordered me before Her, and to turn around. Then She bit me long and hard on my right buttock, and as i started to whine from the pain, She grasped on my genitals between my legs. Then to bed!

i had saved for 3 months from my allowance to purchase my first maid's costume. It arrived last Friday. On Wednesday Lina has left for a camp and Mats is at his rehearsals so W/we are home alone, and She orders me to put it on for the first time, without anything else, no stockings etc. as the time frame is short. The dress is short and wide, can be easily lifted, it's black and white, with a lot of frill and lace, partly pleated. It's from where it is made according to measurements.

Mistress is hilarious as She sees me in it. It looks ridiculous. Well, that's the idea, i try to say, but She doesn't understand the parody aspect. i am not happy about the dress myself. The workmanship is very good, fabrics are of good quality and there are a lot of nice details like a separate, white frilly and lacy apron, two-layered structure and ribbons for neck or hair made of the same chequered fabric, but the dress looks very wide at the shoulders, with puff sleeves. It is a long sleeved version because Mistress doesn't want me to shave my hands. Long-sleeved dresses tend to exaggerate the upper body. The dress is also a bit tight at the upper back, but Mistress rightfully notes that it should be uncomfortable.

Anyway, i was allowed to clean up kitchen in a maid's dress, another dream come true. Right then the man Mistress is employing for improving O/our house called and said he wanted to drop by and leave some documents to Her. She said OK, and kept me working in the kitchen, preparing carrot cassarole, until the man arrived, and it turned out the man's family had come along and they all waited in the garden. Mistress ordered me to wait in the kitchen corner in my maid's dress, not visible from the front door or windows, as She discussed the building project with the constructor guy at the door. i was supposed to pick up Mats soon from his rehearsals, but They just talked on and on. Finally as he went for his car, Mistress ordered me to crawl from my hiding place to the bedroom so i couldn't be seen through windows.

As i returned from picking up Mats, i was made to complete the cassarole, and i did, but then as Mistress spent time with Mats, i sat and watched TV and Mistress had to alarm me to take the cassarole out of the oven. Fortunately it had not turned black yet, and was good and crispy. But i got a punishment anyway. To enforce Her new stronger dominance She ordered me to sleep on the floor by the bed with no mattress, only my thin pillow and two ornamental pillows from a chair under me as my padding. my pillow is so thin i hurt my elbow as i supported it on the pillow. One of the ornamental pillows was very large and i put it under my thighs and the smaller pillow went under the small of my back, and i got a bit comfortable. My thonged ass lays flat against the hard floor. i was able to sleep quite well, though i woke up many times to roll over.

Friday, 18 October 2013

After work slavery

On Monday the tight leashed control continues after i return from work. She lets me read the newspaper but stops me soon and orders me to prepare to go out. i wait by the door dressed, then She comes and orders me to move big sacks of manure She has bought from a farmer, to certain flower beds, then orders me to scatter the manure in four flower beds. She orders me to do it with my gloved hands - suitable for me to work with manure.

My back hurts and i have to breathe heavily with my mouth open as i have scattered all four
sacks. She orders me to put everything in place and fetch two glasses of wine to the glasshouse. There i may sit with Her, drink a glass of wine and tell Her briefly about my day (She stops me in the middle as it starts to bore Her) and my thoughts of O/our relationship. i say i like it better the less She cares about my wishes. i mention especially interrupting my reading. Then She orders me to bring basilica seeds to the glasshouse and sow the seeds to pots.

After the moment in glasshouse i'll have to collect the glasses and stuff, go back inside, fold the laundry and bring to closets, make Her tomato-lettuce sandwiches for supper. Before going to bed She says She's going to inspect the cleanliness of kitchen. i ask Her to hold on, and clear supper stuff and clean all surfaces and oven. Then She inspected my work. As all the work was done i could join the others and watch the end of the movie.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

A foot tease & sissy masturbation

On Sunday i wake up early, still eager from yesterday's teasing sex. i epilate and shave to shorten the 'landing strip' into 5cm long and thin. i put on the cb-2000 quickly to stay chaste. i write on my diary until She wakes up, then make Her tea and serve it, eat my breakfast on my knees by the table, clean Her and my dishes, curtsey each time i bring something. She makes me put on the dishwasher, i do it though it is not exactly full yet, no need to question Her.

She orders me on the yard first to utilize the small time before leaving to Her mom, and orders me to clean up the rest of the flower beds by cutting dead stems and raking everything up. i would rather rake grovel back from the lawn to the paths, put i do what and when She decides. Don't be a smart ass!

She comes out to inspect my work and orders me to deposit the waste away and get inside where i will iron Her skirt. After a long while of ironing She again inspects my work and approves it. i say i love that She uses me for ironing and cooking and takes care of technical decisions, like construction decisions, ordering electricity workers and planners and workers for O/our building projects Herself without consulting me. i get a thrill to be ordered ironing or something else as She discusses these tasks with workmen.

Next She orders me what to wear at Her mom's and then W/we go. She drives U/us now everywhere, i must sit passively by Her, like the guy in the sidewinder in MadMax. First She drives to a plant megastore and leaves me to pay and carry 1000 kronor worth of plants.

At Her mom's i must clear the table also, and take care of her pc, but otherwise it's free time. i even get a beer, my first for weeks.

At home i must first warm up the sauna. She praises me as i am sweeping the bathroom out as She enters. i undress too, and She orders me to kneel up on the wooden hard sauna bench and massage Her neck and arm in the hot where the massage is easiest as She lies down on the highest bench. Again i have to continue as long as i am stopped, my sweat pouring. Next She orders me on my knees on the tiled floor. The space between the benches and the opposite wall is so small i have to kneel up with my feet spread weirdly. Now She settles down opposite me and wraps Her feet around my penis, which She turns to point down, and starts stroking me with Her feet, a foot job. i start gasping soon, and think maybe i could even cum. However She doesn't continue for long, it is a difficult position for Her in the hot. She orders me to do half water aerobics and add chlorine to the pool.

After sauna there is no time for me to watch TV. There is the washing machine and dishwasher to empty, tomorrow's meal to be prepared (chicken sauce and pasta) and as Mats installs O/our new modem and O/our net connection is re-established, She orders me to read and answer some PTA mails, too.

In the bed She allows me to sissy-masturbate with one finger for a minute, then to sleep.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Fully trained to fuck without cumming

This incident stopped O/our D/s until next Saturday as W/we talked through everything and i pleaded with Her to continue dominating me. She approved and became more demanding than before. She also said She wants three things from me: say and show daily that i love Her, kiss and hug Her daily and take care of kitchen - always, as She hates it. The following day was the busiest for me for half a year.

She likes forest walks, and doesn't object to a little rain either as i'm more an indoors and kitchen maid. First She drove to a nearby trail and lead me through a really long walk in a wet forest; we got some rain too. W/we stopped at a nice camping site by a small forest lake. She sat on the backpack and i had to stand or squat. She had some tea and drank it Herself. i got tired and in the last rises i had to slow down and She just picked up pace.

She drove U/us back home too. My first task was to prepare lunch, and fortunately i had ingredients for a mozzarella salad with olive oil and vinegar plus cold smoked salmon and vegetables, which i made especially for Her and which She found really good. i ate old chicken leftovers and kids ate breakfast.

She programmed my whole afternoon. Clearing the table, bringing Her tea, no reading the newspaper (i tried to but She stopped that short), instead getting laundry to laundry room, folding dried laundry, putting washed laundry on lines, new piles into washing machine.

She asked why where are dirty dishes by the sink. i said the dishwasher was full of clean dishes. i ask Her if i can empty it. She says 'No, go to the yard, collect the rest of the dead leaves and take them to the backyard.' As i have completed that, She has also come out, and makes me rake the flower-beds and take away the leaves. As that is ready i have trouble reporting to Mistress as i don't find Her. That problem occurs again and again when you have a large house and garden. i look up inside and outside, and finally find Her. Next i must dig up plants She has selected for my father's grave. Then i must fill plant-pots with earth and plant violets into the pots.

Next She ordered me to change the bed clothes for O/our bed and take Mats's old bed linen and bring Her new. i did this like everything else, immediately, swiftly and thanking Her for the command.

As She retired upstairs i retired with Her, and gave Her a back massage. i continued until permission to stop. i was hard in my thong and She ordered me to undress. She lifted Her nightgown, and as She lay on Her back, She steered my head to Her pussy. i licked it good, then thrust my nose into Her pussy rhythmically. She stopped that and guided my penis into Her pussy without a condom. As i am now fully trained to fuck Her without cumming, there is no need for condoms any more. Being made to fuck Her unprotected is great, of course, but adds to the difficulty of not being allowed to cum.

Soon She moved on all fours and guided me in again. i did my trick, keeping all the time almost entirely in, i do very small thrusts. They trigger Her to orgasm, but don't provide much movement to make me climax. i have to pull out as She is in the final orgasmic convulsions, which is a little minus.

However she allows me to lick Her pussy from below afterwards, cleaning Her up of her own juices and my precum. i can't help but masturbate a few strokes in the man way as i lick Her, it's a great final to the day. Next She orders me to put on my thong and sleeveless shirt and start sleeping with a hard dick. Yummy!