Thursday, 10 October 2013

A foot tease & sissy masturbation

On Sunday i wake up early, still eager from yesterday's teasing sex. i epilate and shave to shorten the 'landing strip' into 5cm long and thin. i put on the cb-2000 quickly to stay chaste. i write on my diary until She wakes up, then make Her tea and serve it, eat my breakfast on my knees by the table, clean Her and my dishes, curtsey each time i bring something. She makes me put on the dishwasher, i do it though it is not exactly full yet, no need to question Her.

She orders me on the yard first to utilize the small time before leaving to Her mom, and orders me to clean up the rest of the flower beds by cutting dead stems and raking everything up. i would rather rake grovel back from the lawn to the paths, put i do what and when She decides. Don't be a smart ass!

She comes out to inspect my work and orders me to deposit the waste away and get inside where i will iron Her skirt. After a long while of ironing She again inspects my work and approves it. i say i love that She uses me for ironing and cooking and takes care of technical decisions, like construction decisions, ordering electricity workers and planners and workers for O/our building projects Herself without consulting me. i get a thrill to be ordered ironing or something else as She discusses these tasks with workmen.

Next She orders me what to wear at Her mom's and then W/we go. She drives U/us now everywhere, i must sit passively by Her, like the guy in the sidewinder in MadMax. First She drives to a plant megastore and leaves me to pay and carry 1000 kronor worth of plants.

At Her mom's i must clear the table also, and take care of her pc, but otherwise it's free time. i even get a beer, my first for weeks.

At home i must first warm up the sauna. She praises me as i am sweeping the bathroom out as She enters. i undress too, and She orders me to kneel up on the wooden hard sauna bench and massage Her neck and arm in the hot where the massage is easiest as She lies down on the highest bench. Again i have to continue as long as i am stopped, my sweat pouring. Next She orders me on my knees on the tiled floor. The space between the benches and the opposite wall is so small i have to kneel up with my feet spread weirdly. Now She settles down opposite me and wraps Her feet around my penis, which She turns to point down, and starts stroking me with Her feet, a foot job. i start gasping soon, and think maybe i could even cum. However She doesn't continue for long, it is a difficult position for Her in the hot. She orders me to do half water aerobics and add chlorine to the pool.

After sauna there is no time for me to watch TV. There is the washing machine and dishwasher to empty, tomorrow's meal to be prepared (chicken sauce and pasta) and as Mats installs O/our new modem and O/our net connection is re-established, She orders me to read and answer some PTA mails, too.

In the bed She allows me to sissy-masturbate with one finger for a minute, then to sleep.

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