Friday, 18 October 2013

After work slavery

On Monday the tight leashed control continues after i return from work. She lets me read the newspaper but stops me soon and orders me to prepare to go out. i wait by the door dressed, then She comes and orders me to move big sacks of manure She has bought from a farmer, to certain flower beds, then orders me to scatter the manure in four flower beds. She orders me to do it with my gloved hands - suitable for me to work with manure.

My back hurts and i have to breathe heavily with my mouth open as i have scattered all four
sacks. She orders me to put everything in place and fetch two glasses of wine to the glasshouse. There i may sit with Her, drink a glass of wine and tell Her briefly about my day (She stops me in the middle as it starts to bore Her) and my thoughts of O/our relationship. i say i like it better the less She cares about my wishes. i mention especially interrupting my reading. Then She orders me to bring basilica seeds to the glasshouse and sow the seeds to pots.

After the moment in glasshouse i'll have to collect the glasses and stuff, go back inside, fold the laundry and bring to closets, make Her tomato-lettuce sandwiches for supper. Before going to bed She says She's going to inspect the cleanliness of kitchen. i ask Her to hold on, and clear supper stuff and clean all surfaces and oven. Then She inspected my work. As all the work was done i could join the others and watch the end of the movie.

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