Friday, 25 October 2013

Maid's dress arrives!

Next day W/we had meetings in the evening, so the only D/s action happened as i was in my thong going to bed, She was sitting on Her edge of the bed and She ordered me before Her, and to turn around. Then She bit me long and hard on my right buttock, and as i started to whine from the pain, She grasped on my genitals between my legs. Then to bed!

i had saved for 3 months from my allowance to purchase my first maid's costume. It arrived last Friday. On Wednesday Lina has left for a camp and Mats is at his rehearsals so W/we are home alone, and She orders me to put it on for the first time, without anything else, no stockings etc. as the time frame is short. The dress is short and wide, can be easily lifted, it's black and white, with a lot of frill and lace, partly pleated. It's from where it is made according to measurements.

Mistress is hilarious as She sees me in it. It looks ridiculous. Well, that's the idea, i try to say, but She doesn't understand the parody aspect. i am not happy about the dress myself. The workmanship is very good, fabrics are of good quality and there are a lot of nice details like a separate, white frilly and lacy apron, two-layered structure and ribbons for neck or hair made of the same chequered fabric, but the dress looks very wide at the shoulders, with puff sleeves. It is a long sleeved version because Mistress doesn't want me to shave my hands. Long-sleeved dresses tend to exaggerate the upper body. The dress is also a bit tight at the upper back, but Mistress rightfully notes that it should be uncomfortable.

Anyway, i was allowed to clean up kitchen in a maid's dress, another dream come true. Right then the man Mistress is employing for improving O/our house called and said he wanted to drop by and leave some documents to Her. She said OK, and kept me working in the kitchen, preparing carrot cassarole, until the man arrived, and it turned out the man's family had come along and they all waited in the garden. Mistress ordered me to wait in the kitchen corner in my maid's dress, not visible from the front door or windows, as She discussed the building project with the constructor guy at the door. i was supposed to pick up Mats soon from his rehearsals, but They just talked on and on. Finally as he went for his car, Mistress ordered me to crawl from my hiding place to the bedroom so i couldn't be seen through windows.

As i returned from picking up Mats, i was made to complete the cassarole, and i did, but then as Mistress spent time with Mats, i sat and watched TV and Mistress had to alarm me to take the cassarole out of the oven. Fortunately it had not turned black yet, and was good and crispy. But i got a punishment anyway. To enforce Her new stronger dominance She ordered me to sleep on the floor by the bed with no mattress, only my thin pillow and two ornamental pillows from a chair under me as my padding. my pillow is so thin i hurt my elbow as i supported it on the pillow. One of the ornamental pillows was very large and i put it under my thighs and the smaller pillow went under the small of my back, and i got a bit comfortable. My thonged ass lays flat against the hard floor. i was able to sleep quite well, though i woke up many times to roll over.


  1. Love the dress and what a wonderful predicament you found yourself in, must have been quite humiliating and exciting?


  2. oh God, one of the moments to remember!