Wednesday, 30 October 2013

She's calling the shots

Next weekend was again action packed. On Saturday Mistress ordered me outside. She gave me detailed orders, first to get certain type of earth, and then plant Her newest purchase to a hole She made me dig the previous weekend. Next She sent me for a wheelbarrow and spade and made me dig up certain flowers and move them to another flowerbed. Maybe i would have liked them in the old place, i don't know because She never asks for my opinion on anything in O/our house. She made wood chips out of branches with a noisy chipper-shredder, and i had to distribute the chips in certain flowerbeds. Then
She sent me to make shrimps in tomato - coconut milk sauce for lunch.

After lunch She ordered me to dress in slacks, a certain neat shirt She chose, and a trendy pullover. She didn't say where W/we leave. She's dressed smartly in boots, short pleated skirt, black tights and a short jacket. She orders me to drive to a nearby village famous for design studios. At the destination She tells me W/we are attending an opening of an exhibition. i get a thrill from Her taking me to places like this.

Sunday morning She orders me to put on sports clothes. She orders me to drive to a nearby running path in the woods, and decides W/we take two rounds. i cannot run the whole time, She waits for me. She's in better condition. My lungs hurt, i must slow down and walk, but She makes me try again and again until i'm exhausted.

After a fajitas lunch i prepared W/we take to our beach and She warms up the sauna. She sends me to the house to get towels etc., and also a condom. After warming Herself up in the sauna She takes a dip in the sea and orders me in the water as well. It is cold as freezing hell , but She guides me in the water so deep that She is satisfied.

O/our lovemaking doesn't succeed as i cannot make Her cum. The rest of the day i spend weeding the flower beds.  

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