Thursday, 21 November 2013

My foreskin piercing is no more

my piercing turned out a temporary pleasure. It has now migrated. One day the ring just dropped off, as the skin layer on top of the piercing grew thinner and thinner. The problem was it was done horizontally along the skin, not through the foreskin. W/we are not making a new one soon.

Friday is a holiday and W/we spend some sweet time together with Mistress. She's also at home and so is Mats who's holidays already started.

She takes Mats to a barbershop and leaves me work to do: clean up the kitchen and fold laundry and take it to right closets. As T/they get back She wants me to accompany Her to the town. She has a list of things to buy, and i carry the bags, no free roaming for me. She takes me to a cafe as well, orders openly for me and forbids me as i am about to start eating and allows it only after a considerable while.

She allows me to talk sex, and i describe a queening stool for Her, suggest buying or making one, and also Emla numbing cream for my penis to enable unprotected sex, as well as buying a remote controlled tiny vibrator that would fit inside my cock cage, and which She could use as a 'good boy' bone for the dog. As my piercing migrated, and as it turned out that i can actually get off in a cb-2000 (even with points of intrigue installed) i have been depressed at times, and considering various new options of escape-free, orgasm-depriving chastity. i have now come up with a perfect solution for inescapable chastity. my solution is a combination of a cuff-type device like my own cb-2000 which i use daily, and lockable plastic pants. i have suggested to Mistress that W/we buy such pants from a British adult baby shop, and cut a hole in the front, that allows only the narrower top of the cock cage through. This way i can not access the a-ring nor pull out. i plan to stiffen the hole somehow (maybe sowing a ring round it). Another hole is needed in the back, allowing pooping and wiping.

At home She gives me small tasks openly. Lina gets home too, and overhears as well, but the kids are already so accustomed to me being ordered around by Mom, that they don't notice. i'll have to prepare a nice chicken soup and arrange things as Her mother is coming to U/us for a few days..

After W/we have eaten i bring coffee and tea on a tray to the glass house, and clear the dishes away afterwards. Then She sends me to dig off a few square meters of lawn and move it to another place. During this Her mom arrives. She and Her mom walk around admiring the garden and then go for a walk. The quicker i complete the work, the quicker i can go inside and continue writing my D/s novel. i work my ass off, and after 1,5 hours hard work i can retire inside.

After supper Mistress whispers that if i clean up kitchen well, a treat awaits me. That was really an effective way to motivate me. i even brush the floor and wash
the table and other surfaces.

The treat came as W/we were heading for bed. i was gong to sleep in a t-shirt and Mistress made me kneel by the bed and give Her the watch. Then i was allowed to masturbate for a period of time whose length only Mistress knew. i didn't have enough time to edge, but it was fun, as was to cuddle with Her afterwards.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Cumming in a chastity belt

i got a flu and W/we had to take one week's break from D/s. As i started to get well i had become really horny, and used early mornings in X-rated net. 

On Tuesday morning i was so horny i woke up at 4am after i had dreamed about a new gender called 'newmale' that Female supremacists would create. i had read all male training essays at the Dreamlover labs site the day before. 

i was so excited that i started experimenting if i could somehow masturbate with my penis inside the cb-2000. The combination of locking pin, points of intrigue and spacer is such that the spacer is 2mm thinner than its gap. It means i can move the cock cage along the locking pin 2mm to and from . Moving it towards the A-ring means compressing my penis into a bit smaller space. i held the A-ring back with my thumb and used my other fingers to move the cock cage back and forth. my penis stiffened as much as it could, the smallest p.o.i. didn't harm. As my penis hardened the friction got stronger, and i started thinking i could get off inside cb-2000. i was not supposed to orgasm, so i stopped that and read on. Then i became so horny i just had to remove my pants, get on all fours and start masturbating with the cock cage again. i wanted to know if it is possible to actually cum inside a cb-2000 and i was now so horny it would happen now or never. i was pretty sure it couldn't be much of an orgasm if i take my hand away early and ruin it.

i continued and gradually worked my way up. It started to be really fun to masturbate into the hard, small plastic device, and i edged, a few more strokes for good measure and in took my hand away. i was cumming! my penis could not get erect in the cb. i was afraid the cum would be blocked by the tigthness of the cb, and it may hurt. Well, it didn't. It was pleasurable. i had took my hand away, but the compression of the cb emulated the tightness of a vagina, and the spasms continued and semen started pumping out. i was on hands and knees, gobs of semen started dropping from my penis. No spurts, but big gobs, a large pool of thick grey semen formed on the floor between my knees.

The ejaculation went on longer than when 'shooting in the air' in a ruined orgasm. It didn't feel like a full orgasm, but did the constriction offered by the cb cause a longer subdrop than a ruined orgasm? i was merely hoping for a small ruined orgasm, i would not have tried it without an order if i had known that wearing a cb actually makes it more of an orgasm.

Well, luckily the sub drop was comparable to a ruined orgasm, and i could recommend this way of getting off as one of the two ways of sissy masturbation. (The first one is on ones belly, penis pointing to sissy's feet, flicking only one fingertip across the frenum sideways). Both are excellent, as a sissy can't get off if she isn't really horny - chaste for 1 to several weeks.