Thursday, 26 December 2013

Fucking with my sissy clit desensitized with Emla

Mistress allowed me to purchase a tube of Emla cream from the pharmacy next Saturday (It's OTC medicine here in Norway), as i was doing the groceries shopping, and She was buying clothes. i understood W/we could try safe unprotected sex the same evening and put some cream on my glans as i retired to bedroom. i thought She was joining me soon, but nope, She took an hour. i noticed how the cream really had an effect on the sensitivity of my penis as i waited for Her and handchecked the situation every once in a while.

The package read it takes 60 minutes for full numbing effect, but for damaged skin the application time is only 15-30 minutes. i think it took some 30 minutes for good effect on the penis. It's of course a nuisance if Mistress has to wait for Her vaginal sex, but 15-30 minutes is ok and can be used for pussy licking and other play.

As She got to bed She didn't want sex, as She has found me non-communicating and easily irritated lately. But next day She wanted sex in the sauna. She told me that beforehand and said i could bring some stuff with me there. i also applied Emla cream again, but brought a condom also.

i could not be so independent as to decide myself what toys to bring with me to the sauna department, so i brought only the condom, and said i don't need any other stuff. She was angry at first, but W/we got over it and She put on the new suspender belt She bought on Saturday and stockings and looked stunning as She wore nothing else. She let me hug Her and feel Her ass, then W/we settled on some blankets under O/our knees as She wanted me to fuck Her doggystyle (the easiest position for Her to reach orgasm). For some reason i was all the time very excited, and the emla cream seemed to offer no help. i used only a very thin layer of it, though the instructions called for applying a thick layer. i'll use more next time. Emla didn't make fucking difficult, no erection problems. Instead i had to have a few breaks to calm down not to cum before Her. Supporting O/ourselves on the pool rail She came, simultaneously with me, which was bad, as i slowed down too a bit too early for Her orgasm to continue a long time on full level.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Mistress washes me with cold water

Mistress had chosen a modern singing concert for us, and the night was spent there. Next day mother-in-law left.

Mistress has taken a tighter reign on me. It manifested itself last weekend which was intense slaving on my part.

Friday night She had me warm up the beach sauna. She took a swim in the cold sea, and decided we'll also bath the oldfashioned way, showering from a bucket. She made me fetch three buckets of cold rain water and had me pour it little by little on Her as She washed Herself, hair and everything. Then it was my turn. i had to refill the buckets, naked again of course. As She knew i am very sensitive to cold, She asked me to get Her bathrobe belt and ordered me to offer my elbows to be tied with it behind my back. I got a raging hard-on which was totally discarded the whole day.

i had to kneel submissively with my legs spread and head tilted down as She soaped me. Then i had to lower my head to the floor as She washed between my buttocks and legs. As washing my hair with the cold water started i again stooped forward so that the cold water would fall directly to the floor from my head, but She deliberately poured some to my back making me squeal. As She was ready and She freed my hands, i had to put the belt back in place, and put Her bikinis on the clothes line.

She gave me detailed, precise orders. i didn't need to know why i was ordered to do something. i just fetched something, did something, maybe understood later what it was about.

Friday night as W/we were watching TV She had me draw and cut patterns for a new shirt She was going to make, working on the floor in the living room.

She didn't spare me from walking a lot, as She made me fetch plants and tools from the other side of the garden. She planted some of the plants and ordered me to plant some, fetch fertilizing manure (She uses genuine horse shit),made me scatter it around, and finally weed the whole kitchen garden. Then She gave me detailed instructions to take back the tools, and move a plant shed to a new place.

On Saturday night W/we watched a long scifi movie and got to bed late, but She started a little petting and soon asked me to lick Her pussy, which i did, She on He back, knees up, me between Her legs. My tongue exercises have maybe already improved my tongue skills, as She seemed to like my efforts very much. Next She allowed me a few fucking motions without a condom, before asking me to draw it on, and continue doggy style until She came good and loud and i was left without fulfilment.

Sunday morning W/we were going to an amusement park. There i had to join Lisa with some of the most horrible rides, upside down in fast speed, making me squeal, not her.

At home slaving started right away: 'Get me some tea'. As She drank it i prepared next week's menu. She approved it and said quality has improved as She made me start with menus again. i got permission to prepare Her favourite for Her right away: garlic in chili marinade.

'Change to work clothes, W/we're going out'. i had to mow the lawn, which took more than an hour and all my strength. Then She ordered me to warm up the sauna and make cold smoked salmon pasta. After W/we had eaten and been to sauna i still reported Her even though i was pretty exhausted. And She still gave me new chores, sending me to make Her a new pot of tea. A fine D/s day.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

How long is mother in law staying?

On Monday i did all shopping needed in 3 stores for the week's menu so i got home only 6.45 pm. i was a bit tired but as i got on the sofa Mistress ordered me up and to deliver buckets of fertilizer water to rhodos. She also took me to a bathroom, made me kneel and lectured about my service attitude, taking into account my recent treat of a ruined orgasm. She pulled off all the hair in my ears with tweezers, i held my head in Her lap for that. i thanked Her and succeeded in pulling my stunt together. i made chicken kung po for mother-in-law's and kids tomorrow lunch, though it is quite difficult and took me until 10pm.

In the morning i had a bit extra time and asked Mistress how to help. She ordered me to fold the laundry. i thanked Her for the order and did it. Mother-in-law has stayed 4 nights now. i don't know when she's leaving, and as a slave i cannot ask anyone. Things are just happening to me, i cannot affect them. i am not supposed to.

Friday, 6 December 2013

A ruined orgasm reward

On Sunday morning i shaved and partly epilated my crotch again, made coffee and tea, got the paper, and prepared breakfast buffet again. i followed Mistress, and She gave me small errands like getting hair comb, dirty laundry etc. Next She ordered me out, and digging up daffodils, and planting them in the new flowerbed. That took all morning. As i was ready Mistress was chatting in the garden with O/our neighbour and my mother-in-law, and i joined them but didn't get chance to ask for next task. Anyway, it was lunch time, so as T/they broke up, She ordered me to prepare lunch with mother-in-law. After lunch W/we drank coffee in the garden house, with me bringing the stuff and the
rest that i forgot.

Mistress decided to go for a walk with Her mom as the weather was nice. She ordered me to weed the grovel path and blow the trash away. It was a long project which took two hours. After that i didn't have energy for the net and i watched tv the little time before T/they returned and She sent me to warm up the sauna. i also had to brush up the sauna floor and bring in new firewood. She had reinforced today that She wants before 9pm each Sunday a menu for next week before Her for Her approval. We had used the system earlier, but stopped it for some reason. i got it ready as the sauna warmed up, and presented it to Her. She approved it, made a few decisions, as i had two choices for a couple of meals. She thanked me by a forceful kiss which She planted on my mouth after changing the position of my head to Her liking with Her strong hands

As W/we were ready for bed She ordered me kneeling by the bed and after a small chat with me She made me fetch a bucket and masturbate to a ruined orgasm, into the bucket. i set to work happily though it was just 5 days since my 'accidental' cum in my cb. i had to stroke it, kneeling of course, for quite a long time until i edged, took of my hand and let the cum fall directly down from my penis to the bucket. One recognizes a ruined orgasm from the absence of cum spurts.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Role reversal fun

Next morning was one of the rare ones that W/we woke up the same time. W/we hugged first, then i was made to massage Her shoulders as She sat on the bed, and i also needed to change all bed linen before i got out of the bedroom. i got a permission to shower and after that i put the cb-2000 on. Mistress was putting on make up in the same bathroom, and supervised me. Then i made coffee for me and mother-in-law and prepared a breakfast buffet plus got the paper.

Kids got their school reports today, and i went with mother-in-law to one of the other festivities. Then i made shrimps in tomato-coconut milk sauce with rice for lunch. After lunch She gave me assignment to work in the garden, removing more sheets of grass and planting them in other places. One nicety of D/s is that you get to do other kind of work that you would otherwise do, if you were free. If somebody asked me O/our garden could need also some other type of work like weeding, but Mistress can best to decide upon such things and i don't mean She is wrong, not at all.

While i was working Her sister and her husband arrived a little bit unexpectedly and a most humiliating sequence of role-changing fun began. i was made to prepare coffee table first. Coffee, warm up sweet and salty pastries, cups, plates etc. i overheard Mistress talking to Her brother-in-law in the living room, declaring that She has installed O/our new water pump for plant watering, and that She wanted him to test it now that he's here. She has indeed installed the new pump. She takes care of all highly technical stuff at home nowadays. i was never very good at it anyway, She's naturally more technically savvy, and She's getting better all the time. She doesn't like cooking or cleaning and likes me to do those.

As i had the coffee table ready, i took care not to interrupt any adult's speech as i informed that the coffee is ready. After coffee She went with him down to check on the pump, and ordered me to clear up the table in the meantime! i'm sure the guests did notice how my role is not any more a male role but a maid's role in O/our household.

After the guests had left, Mistress ordered me out to board the new flowerbeds where i had removed the lawn.