Friday, 6 December 2013

A ruined orgasm reward

On Sunday morning i shaved and partly epilated my crotch again, made coffee and tea, got the paper, and prepared breakfast buffet again. i followed Mistress, and She gave me small errands like getting hair comb, dirty laundry etc. Next She ordered me out, and digging up daffodils, and planting them in the new flowerbed. That took all morning. As i was ready Mistress was chatting in the garden with O/our neighbour and my mother-in-law, and i joined them but didn't get chance to ask for next task. Anyway, it was lunch time, so as T/they broke up, She ordered me to prepare lunch with mother-in-law. After lunch W/we drank coffee in the garden house, with me bringing the stuff and the
rest that i forgot.

Mistress decided to go for a walk with Her mom as the weather was nice. She ordered me to weed the grovel path and blow the trash away. It was a long project which took two hours. After that i didn't have energy for the net and i watched tv the little time before T/they returned and She sent me to warm up the sauna. i also had to brush up the sauna floor and bring in new firewood. She had reinforced today that She wants before 9pm each Sunday a menu for next week before Her for Her approval. We had used the system earlier, but stopped it for some reason. i got it ready as the sauna warmed up, and presented it to Her. She approved it, made a few decisions, as i had two choices for a couple of meals. She thanked me by a forceful kiss which She planted on my mouth after changing the position of my head to Her liking with Her strong hands

As W/we were ready for bed She ordered me kneeling by the bed and after a small chat with me She made me fetch a bucket and masturbate to a ruined orgasm, into the bucket. i set to work happily though it was just 5 days since my 'accidental' cum in my cb. i had to stroke it, kneeling of course, for quite a long time until i edged, took of my hand and let the cum fall directly down from my penis to the bucket. One recognizes a ruined orgasm from the absence of cum spurts.

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