Tuesday, 17 December 2013

How long is mother in law staying?

On Monday i did all shopping needed in 3 stores for the week's menu so i got home only 6.45 pm. i was a bit tired but as i got on the sofa Mistress ordered me up and to deliver buckets of fertilizer water to rhodos. She also took me to a bathroom, made me kneel and lectured about my service attitude, taking into account my recent treat of a ruined orgasm. She pulled off all the hair in my ears with tweezers, i held my head in Her lap for that. i thanked Her and succeeded in pulling my stunt together. i made chicken kung po for mother-in-law's and kids tomorrow lunch, though it is quite difficult and took me until 10pm.

In the morning i had a bit extra time and asked Mistress how to help. She ordered me to fold the laundry. i thanked Her for the order and did it. Mother-in-law has stayed 4 nights now. i don't know when she's leaving, and as a slave i cannot ask anyone. Things are just happening to me, i cannot affect them. i am not supposed to.

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  1. my Mother-In-Law became my second Mistress early in our FLM. my Sister-In-Law became my third Mistess. Clearly the Women in our family Rule.