Sunday, 1 December 2013

Role reversal fun

Next morning was one of the rare ones that W/we woke up the same time. W/we hugged first, then i was made to massage Her shoulders as She sat on the bed, and i also needed to change all bed linen before i got out of the bedroom. i got a permission to shower and after that i put the cb-2000 on. Mistress was putting on make up in the same bathroom, and supervised me. Then i made coffee for me and mother-in-law and prepared a breakfast buffet plus got the paper.

Kids got their school reports today, and i went with mother-in-law to one of the other festivities. Then i made shrimps in tomato-coconut milk sauce with rice for lunch. After lunch She gave me assignment to work in the garden, removing more sheets of grass and planting them in other places. One nicety of D/s is that you get to do other kind of work that you would otherwise do, if you were free. If somebody asked me O/our garden could need also some other type of work like weeding, but Mistress can best to decide upon such things and i don't mean She is wrong, not at all.

While i was working Her sister and her husband arrived a little bit unexpectedly and a most humiliating sequence of role-changing fun began. i was made to prepare coffee table first. Coffee, warm up sweet and salty pastries, cups, plates etc. i overheard Mistress talking to Her brother-in-law in the living room, declaring that She has installed O/our new water pump for plant watering, and that She wanted him to test it now that he's here. She has indeed installed the new pump. She takes care of all highly technical stuff at home nowadays. i was never very good at it anyway, She's naturally more technically savvy, and She's getting better all the time. She doesn't like cooking or cleaning and likes me to do those.

As i had the coffee table ready, i took care not to interrupt any adult's speech as i informed that the coffee is ready. After coffee She went with him down to check on the pump, and ordered me to clear up the table in the meantime! i'm sure the guests did notice how my role is not any more a male role but a maid's role in O/our household.

After the guests had left, Mistress ordered me out to board the new flowerbeds where i had removed the lawn.

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