Monday, 20 January 2014

Dominated and molested

In the morning i edited my blog as i woke up early, shaved my crotch and prepared tea for Her. i also finished the covering of the strawberries. She liked that but didn't give a merit. After breakfast that She chose to eat in the glasshouse, ordering me to prepare and serve Her meal there on a tray, She made me cut patterns of two skirts for Her using Her silk paper.

Then it was time for my punishment. Middle sized points of intrigue made any attempt to get hard agony. She ordered me to undress totally and put on ankle and wrist cuffs. Ankle cuffs were connected and so were the wrist cuffs behind my back. Then She fixed clothespegs on my nipples and six on my balls - the cb-2000 stayed on - , and started flicking on them with a whip as i continued kneeling up. i closed my eyes like i did in the rollercoaster with Lina. It helped. After flicks on my nipples and balls She continued with heavier blows on my ass. I was afraid She might accidentally hit my balls as She made me bend down, grabbed my neck and pressed me against the bed and administered more heavy blows on my ass. Then i was done, She clicked my wrists open and told me to put everything in place. i thanked Her like i do after each order.

She wanted a morning walk next. She told me to put shoes on and wait in the lobby. Next She lead U/us to a walk to the nearby mall, where W/we browsed a lot but only bought a wooden spatula for my cooking. i thought W/we would have some coffee there, but it didn't happen. As W/we were walking back She took my hand in Her hand. Later i thought W/we would cross the road at the 'usual place' and started to slightly pull to that direction. She was angry i tried to lead and let go of my hand. She ordered me to follow exactly behind Her as a punishment. She continued that a long time until She pointed at Her side, meaning i could again walk at Her side, only a little behind Her.

At home it was time for lunch. W/we still had lots of old food, so i just laid the table, and brought Her wine glass and water glass with my meal on a tray to the glass house which She likes more and more. After eating She sent me to prepare coffee and tea and bring them in with slices of cake for both.

Next She prepared for the beach. She told me to take with me all i needed to prepare the menu for the next two weeks. She told me the meaning was not that i spend all the time in the kitchen, so at least partially it should be easy cooking. i was allowed to relax in the reclining chair by Her as i prepared the menu. i had 3 cookbooks with me, but it took time to draw up a balanced and suitably varied menu. She interrupted me later, and told me to change to my swimming trunks. i had to go swimming again, and this time She didn't help me. It took time, but finally i was up to my neck in the cold water , and took a swim. Later i had to cut some water weeds for Her with a scythe. As W/we got up, i was made to hang O/our swimming gear on a line and go round the shed to Her. She had prepared me a juice, and made me gulp it down. She takes care of the liquid balance of Her slave. Then She ordered me to collect the cushions in the shed, and bring an armful of firewood up to the house. The time at the beach was over.

In the house i had to complete and present to Her the menu, which She approved, and i had to prepare a shopping list based on the menu. Tomorrow She's going to take me to the season sales, and reform my clothing. i'll get to replenish our groceries then. As i was ready She made me empty the washing machine. As i reported back She sat at a table. i just stood there by Her, eyes fixed to Her feet, with a happy face, like She wants me. She pointed at the floor. She wanted me to kneel, as i must not be taller than Her, as She sits. She sent me to get Her tea, and i knelt again after curtseying as i brought it. She just kept reading and let me kneel there. my thoughts wandered a little. i thought Men are watching Sports Channel now, but i don't have any control, my life is totally Hers. But soon i got my thoughts arranged and studied Her clothes, hair and jewels
. She turned to me. 'Close your eyes. What plants do W/we have by the window?'. i could name Her the exact numbers and sorts, as i studied them closely yesterday. She laughed, wondering whether this is making me forget something else as i use my brain capacity on this type of things.

After some 20 minutes on my knees She sent me away to prepare dinner, which was easy, i just had to cook more rice and warm up some food this time, and of course lay the table and clean up kitchen. After dinner She sent me to warm up sauna.

She had gone out to wander in the garden, i found Her and reported, with a little bob. She kissed me on the mouth, turning my head so She was on top. She talked about the plants for a long time. i listened and kept replying appropriately, but then i made the mistake of saying 'Okay' as She was not saying anything. She thought, quite right, i was being impatient and trying to influence Her. A bad mistake.

She ordered a glass of red wine to sauna, which i brought with me. In sauna She let me kiss both Her buttocks as a prize for a fairly good behaviour. As i lay on my back knees up, She sat by me feet, and grabbed my balls, pulling on them until i cried out. She reminded me of a standing order not to yell when being molested, and was quite pleased as i let out only small whimpers after that, as She continued to pull and grind my poor balls. Next She started to knead my genitals with Her hands and then Her feet and sounds of pain turned into sounds of pleasure, which however lasted only so little.

In the evenings W/we are normally a little more relaxed, watching TV together, but today She interrupted that many times, running me small errands and such. She also required a buffet table for supper which has not been the custom. i also had to clean up the kitchen thoroughly and run the dishwasher before going to bed. For tomorrow morning She showed me a place in the kitchen garden where i must sow rucola, dill and radish tomorrow morning before She rises.

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