Monday, 27 January 2014

Mistress finds me on the sofa

So Monday morning started with me sowing three kinds of seeds. It was time of the summer holidays. She didn't take me to clothes sales, but decided to replace O/our old mower which stopped working as She was away. She has now taken over the male role in deciding about house maintenance and purchasing tools and machines, and so She had beforehand talked to real estate people and found out what mower pros use. She wants a heavy-duty make. Then She ordered me to take the big car (i didn't even know why) and start driving. She guided me to a machine store. It was holiday season, and the manager was probably a deputy, plaited beard, bold, many earrings, quite young, but heavily built and muscular. She took care of all the talking to this guy, my role was just to take out my credit card as T/they had agreed on the model and price. The mower fit well in O/our big car, and then it was time for me to drive to the mall, She shopped for tools and stuff, and i shopped for groceries. i had made the long list for myself and they should last a long time. i also bought the battery for the electric shock collars remote.

At home i once again prepared lunch, basicly old stuff and canned Thai soup for Mats, one of his new favorites. After lunch it was beach time again, and like in O/our first D/s day She made me once again dip in the cold water. Soon i am taking Mats to a beach holiday in Rimini and She allowed me to read the Italyguide after the swim.

It was time to sample the new mower. Oh, how quiet and easy it was to start. Mistress is spoiling me with things like that. As i had mowed most of the lawn She interrupted me, took over the mower and sent me to prepare dinner. In my menu Monday dinner was a difficult one. Nettles chili pasta for Mistress - yes, W/we have a square yard of nettles in O/our garden, and besides applying them in my pants, i am ironically also ordered to harvest the nettles every once in a while, leaving enough for disciplinary purposes, and cook them into a kind of spinach for Mistress, who genuinely likes this stuff.

Besides, i had to cook the pasta, fry onions for the nettles sauce, but also fry steaks for the rest of the family (Mistress doesn't eat red meat), cook potatoes as well, and somehow cooking all this simultaneously exhausted me so that i just fell down on the couch.

Mistress found me on the couch and got mad. i jumped up. She was carrying a screwdriver and some accessories, i don't know what She had been fixing. She poked my nipples with the screwdriver: 'What the fuck do you think you're doing!' She was mad for finding me on the sofa. She pressed the tip of the screwdriver into my nostrils and then under my chin and pushed my face up until i was looking at the ceiling. She ordered me on my knees at once, and to lower my head to the floor, sideways, the temple facing the floor. Then She stepped on my temple and cheek many times, while reproving me: 'What were you thinking' Stomp. i tried to explain: ' i was just spent after making the dinner'. 'You have been relaxing the whole afternoon, one little meal can't make you exhausted' Stomp. Then She left out. i dare note move, even though i was afraid of kids maybe poking about. Soon Mistress re-emerged. She was taking care of something while keeping me in the living room cheek to carpet, ass up. As She went by She said 'Think up 3 ideas how to make up for this shit'. i started immediately gathering thoughts: to prepare pancakes, to give a herbal footbath to Her, to style Her pubic hair... After coming and going a few times She addressed me again: 'No idling, you are always my slave, remember it'. With a final stomp on my cheek She asked about my compensation ideas. She was not happy with them: 'Those might please you more than me!' This treatment really made me an eager slave for the rest of the evening, and i knew now that i must ALWAYS report to Mistress as the work is done.

Instead, She made me pay some bills of Hers on the net bank, and bring tea and nail polishes to the glass house. There i kept Her company, sitting as commanded, observing Her and the surroundings again, as She removed old nail polish from Her toe nails and repainted them. She asked me how many tomato strains She has, but my answer was wrong. i accumulated a lot of demerits today, and got no sexual fun today either. Instead She sent me to pick strawberries, and i had to slice them in 4 bowls for each of us to have with ice cream.

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