Saturday, 22 February 2014

A surprise after breakfast

This morning i woke up really late, 8am, and i heard Mistress awake as soon as i was shaving my butt. Well, She vanished somewhere, so i could prepare Her tea, clean up the kitchen, empty the dishwasher and sow a row of seeds forgotten yesterday.

After breakfast She surprised me by saying She might want sex now. She ordered me to the bedroom. i checked time as i went before Her, it was 9am. She told me to undress and help Her with a suspenders/stockings set. No time for Emla now. Then i was instructed to open the toy box and put a dog collar with a chain leash on me. She took the handle and draw me near on the bed, kissing and hugging me. After commanding me on my back and mounting my face for a session of wet pussy licking She ordered me to get the condom, giving me just enough leash to manage it. First a little fucking with me on my knees and She sitting on the edge of the bed, then back on my back. She did the moving, fucking me. By far the best way to cum is that: passively on my back, legs spread, Her on top, fucking me. First i couldn't cum this way, and still it's difficult and takes time, but it's a great, bizarre fun. This time She didn't let me spread my legs, and soon She wanted to continue doggy style. i started banging away, but it was a mistake, it was too quick for Her and She told me so. i needed to start again, first slow, then faster, hitting Her buttocks with my loins. i had drawn foreskin up on the glans as i put the condom on, and it helped more than Emla did last time. i was not even near as She came, and could bang on through Her orgasm.

As i had put away the stuff, She ordered me to load the trash to O/our car, and She had me drive to waste center, and then to a couple of fleamarkets. First one i hadn't visited before, so the secret where i was driving was kept until there.

At home it was lunch making time, easy, warming up enchillados. Then i served coffee, tea and melon slices at the glasshouse. Good weather continues.

After lunch i needed to get Mistress and Lina cosmetics, medicines, toothbrushes, juice and many other things T/they wanted from the mall. But before that She ordered me to fix a scratch in my car's door.

For dinner i had to make shrimps tikka masala, then i was sent to pick up strawberries and cover the rest of the rows. As i get back in the house everyone's at Mistress's study, and i am sent to warm up sauna. As it warms, i must keep company to Mistress in Her study by cutting one more shirt of mine to shreds. In the sauna it's back to water aerobics regime.

In the evening i could again watch TV besides being Her errand boy. Once i understood Her instructions wrong and went upstairs looking for Her weaving equipment that was in the basement.

She started restricting my use of furniture. The easy chair in the glasshouse became off limits for me, and if She found me on the living room sofa without permission, She became really mad. Instead, She stressed, i should always report to Her and never sneak to watch TV.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Learning to serve Her

In the morning i succeeded in shaving (also down there), sowing the seeds, getting the paper and updating my diary before She woke up. She wanted tea and a tomato-turkey sandwich in the glasshouse for breakfast. There She gave me the first task of today: 'Remove all dandelions with the removing tool from the long flowerbed. You'll need to fill a whole bucket with the weeds'. Now i understand that key to successfully serving Mistress is doing exactly as i am told. Therefore when given such a detailed order, it's a big risk to deviate from the given order at all, for instance by removing other weeds as well, or to remove even one dandelion from the lawn. Well, i faced the dilemma that i couldn't get my bucket full from that flowerbed, so i had to pick some other dandelions as well. Well, Mistress didn't check on my bucket after all as She moved on and had me help Her to collect all the trash that's going to the waste center.

For lunch i harvested O/our own first potatoes, but there were really few, so i had to cook rice too. Tea ceremony in the glasshouse followed, with slices of honey melons as dessert. She helped my motivation by an unsuspected hug and feel of my cb - 'Just wanted to know you still wear it' and making me part my legs as i was cleaning the sink, and groping thoroughly and aggressively my ass, crotch, balls and cb, leaving me panting with a simple 'Carry on'

Much of the Wednesday afternoon was spent weeding the path to the beach. As it was OK She ordered me to get a brush and brush it neat. Then it was time to dip in the cold sea, now it went a bit easier. In the cold water i came to think how i'm just Her puppet without a will of my own and i like it.

Next She gave me about an hour to just sit and update my diary. She made me program an alarm so that i notice when to go to the house to prepare enchilados, the menu item for today, and a family pancake. She interrupted me a few times, to go up to the house and fetch Her and Lina's novels, and then again to prepare Her tea and give Her a blanket as wind had started to blow quite a lot. She gave me a standing order that i must each time i walk to the house from the beach bring with me a lapful of firewood until the pile by the beach sauna is gone.

i could not plan it that well, but it was environment friendly to cook the pancake in the already warm oven. The time, 75 minutes, that i had reserved for preparing the meal was about right. i had everything ready a few minutes before the time set by Mistress, 6pm. Better that way, She could say. The food was this week's best.

In the evening Her carpenter showed up after dinner, and She spent a lot of time with him, going through the shed and the other projects. She said i may remain inside, T/they would come in, and i could relax by the TV. Later i had to take care of the watering which continued overnight. But no fun today either.

Monday, 10 February 2014

The shock collar used as a punishment device

Tuesday morning i had to take my car for repairs. i wanted to give Mistress extra sleeping time in the morning, so i just took coffee and sandwiches with me and placed a note on the kitchen table reminding i am at the car repair shop and waiting for Her to pick me up. my phone was soundless, so a terrible mistake happened. The repair was finished before She got there, but She got there as i was driving back home, and She even drove to the wrong place first, as She had to check the address from the net as She didn't reach me. As She got home She was really pissed. i came to Her to apologize as She got off the car, but that didn't help. She barely spoke to me, and left directly to the beach. i didn't know what to do, which caused even more mistakes. She had not got Her breakfast, but i didn't know that and didn't prepare tea. It seemed to Her that i just let it go, and didn't try actively enough to compensate, so i got a big demerit i would face later today.

As things progressed, i understood W/we are now going to a big mall with Lina. i drove, not knowing which mall W/we were going to. She let me know as late as possible, to choose the route to the mall. At the mall She chose the shops, and if She was going to also look for clothes for me at some shop, She would order me to preview and present the discounted choices of my size when She would join me. All this not hidden from Lina. As She joined me, She chose what cloth types i needed and which clothes i would buy. Well, She did ask my opinion on the necessary cloth types in advance. i would then line up for the cashier to pay. i got two shirts, a tie, a v neck feminine t shirt and rather tight bermuda shorts.

i thought She would take U/us to a restaurant as it was lunch time, but no - She made me buy some buns to take home, and at home i would wash and cook more potatoes and W/we ate smoked salmon. i must of course always prepare some fresh salads, lay the table, pour drink for Her, and clear everything into the dishwasher, then serve Her and me coffee, tea and dessert (this time the buns) in the glasshouse or wherever She chooses to eat.

This afternoon She wanted Her tea on O/our beach, where W/we stayed, She tried to repair a pump used for watering plants and i got to have a little siesta. i updated this (lately She has kept me so busy i have not been update this much), and i even took a little nap.

Mistress informed me that dinner must be served 5pm sharp, and i left to warm up the grill: sausages for the kids and nectarines wrapped in foil with sauce for dessert. After W/we had eaten She ordered me to warm up the beach sauna, so i walked down to the beach again, and returned to assist Mistress in the kitchen garden: watering and weeding. She also told me to sow more seeds tomorrow morning, before She wakes up, like i did a couple of days ago.

As it was time to go to the sauna She mentioned: 'Take also your FUNCTIONING electric shock collar to the sauna'. i changed the remote's battery and tested it against the inside of my wrist: works well. Then i walked down to beach with a thermos mug full of zero cola, my sauna drink. i had took the cb off like i am always allowed to do as W/we use sauna.

We first sat in the sauna and then She ordered me to dip in the sea with Her. Now the water felt much warmer than before. i got in the water much quicker as She was following me and pinching my buttocks painfully underwater.

As W/we got up She ordered me to fix the training collar around my genitals. i knew to put the contacts against the base of my penis. i handed Her the remote and She started pressing the buttons again. i was on all fours by Her.

Oh how large the scale was: i didn't feel number 1, number 2 made me yelp but mostly because of fear and surprise, number 3 or 4 (She never told me which She used) made the current go through my whole clitty, i felt it even in the glans. And man, did it hurt! Each time She pushed the button, i cried out really loud, and as She went on repeating it, i started sobbing between the shocks as well. One of my feminine attributes is that i squeal a lot, especially if i'm surprised. She reminded me between shocks that i'm Her 24/7 slave, and i must act accordingly always. She asked me to confirm that, and i told Her i was Her slave and happy for it. i lowered my head sobbing and moaning. She told me to lift my head and continued to shock me.

Finally She ordered me to put the toys away, and W/we continued to bath. It was then that i noticed Mats was outside the sauna. Had he heard my moaning and the conversation?

my motivation to serve was improved a lot by Mistress's dispicline. In the evening i helped Her in the kitchen garden, watering the plants, and She made furrows, ordering me to sow rucola and parsley seeds in the furrows tomorrow morning before She wakes up.