Saturday, 22 February 2014

A surprise after breakfast

This morning i woke up really late, 8am, and i heard Mistress awake as soon as i was shaving my butt. Well, She vanished somewhere, so i could prepare Her tea, clean up the kitchen, empty the dishwasher and sow a row of seeds forgotten yesterday.

After breakfast She surprised me by saying She might want sex now. She ordered me to the bedroom. i checked time as i went before Her, it was 9am. She told me to undress and help Her with a suspenders/stockings set. No time for Emla now. Then i was instructed to open the toy box and put a dog collar with a chain leash on me. She took the handle and draw me near on the bed, kissing and hugging me. After commanding me on my back and mounting my face for a session of wet pussy licking She ordered me to get the condom, giving me just enough leash to manage it. First a little fucking with me on my knees and She sitting on the edge of the bed, then back on my back. She did the moving, fucking me. By far the best way to cum is that: passively on my back, legs spread, Her on top, fucking me. First i couldn't cum this way, and still it's difficult and takes time, but it's a great, bizarre fun. This time She didn't let me spread my legs, and soon She wanted to continue doggy style. i started banging away, but it was a mistake, it was too quick for Her and She told me so. i needed to start again, first slow, then faster, hitting Her buttocks with my loins. i had drawn foreskin up on the glans as i put the condom on, and it helped more than Emla did last time. i was not even near as She came, and could bang on through Her orgasm.

As i had put away the stuff, She ordered me to load the trash to O/our car, and She had me drive to waste center, and then to a couple of fleamarkets. First one i hadn't visited before, so the secret where i was driving was kept until there.

At home it was lunch making time, easy, warming up enchillados. Then i served coffee, tea and melon slices at the glasshouse. Good weather continues.

After lunch i needed to get Mistress and Lina cosmetics, medicines, toothbrushes, juice and many other things T/they wanted from the mall. But before that She ordered me to fix a scratch in my car's door.

For dinner i had to make shrimps tikka masala, then i was sent to pick up strawberries and cover the rest of the rows. As i get back in the house everyone's at Mistress's study, and i am sent to warm up sauna. As it warms, i must keep company to Mistress in Her study by cutting one more shirt of mine to shreds. In the sauna it's back to water aerobics regime.

In the evening i could again watch TV besides being Her errand boy. Once i understood Her instructions wrong and went upstairs looking for Her weaving equipment that was in the basement.

She started restricting my use of furniture. The easy chair in the glasshouse became off limits for me, and if She found me on the living room sofa without permission, She became really mad. Instead, She stressed, i should always report to Her and never sneak to watch TV.

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