Friday, 14 March 2014

a new standing order

After the trip W/we had another thorough discussion about O/our relationship. It turned out that W/we still tend to misunderstand each other's behaviour, She has interpreted my passiveness as being not interested in Her sexually and i was interpreting Her behaviour much the same way. So now i am allowed to try to seduce Her to sex play once, even twice a day: as W/we are together in bed or otherwise alone.

i succeeded in seducing Her the next morning. i started by removing Her night socks and sucking Her toes and soles of Her feet. i knew i was allowed to touch Her anywhere unless She forbids me. So i moved my hand to Her pantyclad pussy, and rubbed it and squeezed Her buttocks, pushed my hand in Her panties and continued rubbing and started inserting my finger in Her pussy. She was cooperative and She adviced that Her vaginal g-spot was on the back side (perineum side) of Her pussy, so i concentrated my rubbing there. She let me undress Her and i started sucking Her nipples as i continued fingerfucking Her. Finally She pushed me under Her, bit my nipples and removed my briefs that contained my much leaking hardon. She ordered me to put on a condom. i asked if She wanted my foreskin back or forth, She wanted it back. Soon i was fucking Her from below, then from behind, and She had a good, very good orgasm, leaving me high and dry.

That was a beginning for an intense D/s-period. i made Her a tomato-turkey-vinegar-basilica sandwich for breakfast, a recipe that soon became Her regular order for breakfast. Then i had to prepare weekly menu and use the hot day to shop for groceries. She had purchased and planned painting O/our porch, and i was allowed to assist Her in the painting.

In the afternoon She ordered a break and a swim at O/our beach. The water was quite nice after a long hot period. After She got into water Herself She pulled my pants down under water, made me grab the jettyside as She reached between my legs, feeling the cb and grabbing my balls. She took leverage with Her foot from the pier and pulled my balls away from my body with full force. My clitty started to harden inside its prison, as i watched people near at the neighbouring jetties, so near but not able to see my nakedness and troublesome position under the surface.

She continued a more sexual approach to D/s, stopping my chores to grab my ass and balls from behind or uncovering and biting my butt viciously before making me continue. In the evening in the bed She had me naked kneeling up on the bed one knee on Her one side and one on the other. She felt my shaved crotch and changed one standing order: i will start again epilating the sides of my triangle of pubes, and keep the triangle neat, but i will not do it daily in the morning, only as She orders me to shave it, as She wants to cut down useful time i spend for grooming myself. She masturbated me a little as i knelt on top of Her as She said this, and sent me to sleep.

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  1. So glad to hear that things are moving back in the right direction for you both