Saturday, 22 March 2014

Humiliations in the water

Next day She ordered me to swim again, and as soon as i was in the water She commanded me to lower my swimming trunks to my knees again, exposing my pink cb and pink butt under the water. She again had me spread my legs and felt the cb from behind and then yanked hard on my balls, pain really getting me this time. Then She allowed me to raise the pants. i'm beginning to like these swimming trips!

In the evening i managed to seduce Her again, much the same way as i just descriped. W/we fucked for a long time, but She got too tired and couldn't orgasm, and of course there was no orgasm for me too. Instead She let me fuck the space between the heel of Her foot and bed, pressing hard on my clitty occasionally. No cummies though.

W/we have a wooden ramp leading to a shed, and being 10 year old it has started to rotten. How it was replaced tells a lot about how flexible O/our sex roles now are. She dismantled the old one, planned the new one, measured the timber, used the saw Herself, then had me tighten the screws and carry it in its place, then tighten the screws to fix it in place and then She continued with boarding it, sending me inside to prepare dinner.

She made me order tickets for tomorrow for a cruise to a lighthouse island, so W/we spent the next day there together. As W/we got home i had to prepare a quick dinner for everyone - frozen pizzas, which i tried to compensate with a nicely set table. In the evening She stopped my updating of the blog which i did as She was watching a TV series i didn't care about, and She ordered me with Her to the pool for a night swim. Before that She soaped and washed my genitals and armpits for me, ordering me to lift my arms, spread my legs etc. In the pool She ordered me to move about in funny ways, lifting my knees and pulling water with my hands, or moving backwards, hitting my butt with my heels, pushing with my hands, and repeating this 4 times a pool length.

Later She had me remove the cb and masturbate. i tried to get to the edge but i was slow and She stopped me before i could beg permission to ejaculate.

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