Saturday, 28 June 2014

Totally controlled

Next day was again a lovely example of holidays that Mistress entirely programs for me. i could have written a more detailed account, but She has started to control also the time i write my diary, and the only time She allowed me to write i noticed my mobile battery was dead and She didn't allow me to get the charger, so i could start writing this in the next morning.

W/we woke up to a thunder, and as usual, Mistress sent me to unplug all devices. Soon the sounds of thunder were so load W/we couldn't sleep so W/we both woke up at 6am.

Typical for the day was that i reported to Her right after each task. Every time a new task didn't follow, especially if She was chatting with kids, which meant i could hang around with all of them. If Mistress left, i followed Her.

This doesn't mean She would hesitate to give direct orders to me in front of kids, though. She sent me many a time to fetch Her a cup of tea, or Her glasses, or something else, as W/we sat down together.

She gave me a new standing order. She wants the kitchen sink empty all times. It means i cannot collect and soak dishes there, i must change my ways so that i clean them at once and put them in dishwasher.

my day consisted of breakfast, digging basis for stone wall in the garden, preparing lunch (chicken tikka masala). Normally, though i may spend an hour cooking the meal, i will not join the O/others eating the new food, but warm up leftovers for me. It is disguised from the kids by letting them understand i am so mean with money i don't want to waste any food.

She kept my motivation up by kissing me on the mouth, twice that day, and once making me kneel and flicking my nose for some minor demeanor.

In the afternoon Mistress commanded again: 'Put on your work gloves' and lead me to the wall building site. The work with the stones was very hot because of our current heatwave. my sweat was pouring down. Then She stopped me, made me drink a lot of lukewarm water and lead me to the beach, where She ordered me swimming with Her. After a little swim She again yanked my trunks down, started squeezing my buttocks hard, reached for my balls from behind as i parted my legs for Her easy access. She felt and lightly tapped them and said 'Fish see odd things around here. Pants up!'
In the evening Mistress decided for a movie rental and pizzas. For me leftover beef and leftover pieces from O/others pizzas were sufficient.

As W/we were in bed, i started stroking and fondling Mistress: first shoulders, thighs, belly, then breasts, licking breasts, stroking Her pussy. She lets me also lick Her pussy, but then She orders me to stop and start sleeping.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

slave needs a reminder

Next day W/we visited Her mother at Her summerhouse. my balls were still sore, so before W/we set off, She allowed me to remove the cb.

At the cottage i volunteered to pick blueberries. Picking berries is a perfect job for a slave: easy, not very meaningful. You can send a slave to a forest with a vessel, and it is clear even without words that the slave can return only with a full vessel. i picked two litres of berries and got praise for that.

Next i was allowed to stay inside for a 'nap' which allowed me to update this diary with my mobile. However i fell for it and did a little masturbation as i described yesterday's wonderful incidents. In the evening i had to confess that to Mistress, who punished me later.

i drove back according to Mistress's directions, including the choice of route, and back home, after making dinner (potatoes and steaks) W/we did some motorboating with the whole family. It was a hot day, and my activity level dropped, i didn't help empty the water from the boat, cast off the boat etc. i didn't even notice i was being lazy, until Mistress at bedtime asked me angrily what i had done wrong today. She informed me that as a punishment i will sleep on the floor by the bed without any mattress. i settled on the floor with a pillow and a blanket, which i used also wrapped under me as a mattress. She also told me to apologize a few times until it sounded sincere enough. A nice surprise followed after maybe 15 minutes, as She let me back to bed! She learned me to appreciate sleeping in a bed.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Humiliated before friends

my long chastity went by the board as i got a nocturnal emission, and even another just 4-5 days later. Now as i write i have got only these two nocturnal orgasms, and nothing else in 3 weeks.

O/our summer holiday routine evolved into quite informal, even lazy time, with Her giving me only a few tasks a day, though some were quite tedious like gathering all O/our firewood in the shed or moving stones from a corner of O/our garden to another and building a stone wall.

The routine was interrupted with formal D/s days. One Monday W/we woke up together, so i started feeling Her thighs, belly and breasts with my hands, as She has allowed me to do, to seduce Her, and continued by sucking Her breasts under the blanket. She cut me off from Her breasts saying 'Enough of that, there's a hardcore day coming up', and She ordered me to open the toy chest, take out a pair of stockings, take my pants off, put them on me along with a mixture of a suspender belt / corset She produced from Her drawer. As i had them on She proclaimed that it took too much time as it did, told me to hand Her the riding crop from the top of the cupboard, and bend over the endpiece of the bed and extend my hands. She climbed on the bed, standing lightly on my hands, and started whacking my behind with the riding crop as a punishment for my slowness. Fifth stroke was so strong i howled. She gave me just one more and stopped.

She told me to put on my pants and socks on top of the special underwear, and my chores started. She decided that because of a sore behind my balls, a cb is not going to be used today.

First i made Her routinely the breakfast of Her liking and W/we ate at the glasshouse. Then She commanded me to vacuum the upper floor (O/our cleaner is on holiday), put the central vacuum cleaner ready on the ground floor and ask Her to check the upper floor. i did as She told, and as She inspected the upper floor She found some birch seeds and a pine needle on the otherwise well vacuumed floors. She made me lick these up directly from the floor and eat them. The seeds were easy but the pine needle needed a lot of chewing until it gave its resinous taste and softened so i could swallow it.

i was positively surprised by this further example of Her ingenuity as a Mistress. The prospect of being made to eat whatever is found on the floor after my vacuuming made me continue extra carefully, especially checking i was not going to be made to eat things like dead flies, cobwebs, or cat litter grains. She checked my work on the ground floor next and approved it, then i had to vacuum also the lobby of the basement floor, but She didn't even check that. Next i had to do the laundry, folding, emptying and filling again the washing machine.

It was a hot day, and the stockings made me hot and made me wear long pants not to show, but i didn't of course complain, as i had long hoped i could wear women's underwear.

She had emptied trash cans and washed the kitchen floor as i completed the laundry, so She was not being lazy Herself. As i was ready, She ordered me to wash all the toilets. She was right. They really needed washing. There was shit on the bowls in many places. i washed it all away, and polished the taps as She had ordered, and washed the sinks as well.

It took too much time, Mistress told me, and therefore She ordered me on my knees in the laundry room, and smacked my face repeatedly with a wet washcloth and ordered me to say 'i love cleaning up', with passionate voice, repeating it until She was satisfied. Then i had to say 'i love cooking', which was easier and more believable. She approved the first take. After washing my hands She made me start lunch preparations, and after noon i offered really tasty shrimp sauce with rice. i only learned how it tasted later, as my own lunch was yesterday's leftovers.

After lunch it was time for a quick tea and coffee, all the while working out a menu proposal for the next week. She had invited friends, two couples, for the evening. Therefore it was going to be a busy afternoon for me preparing the visit. As i had the menu proposal ready, Mistress had me read it to Her aloud, while Mats was nearby, hearing that i had to get Her approval for my cooking.

As the menu was approved with a couple of changes, i had to prepare a shopping list and W/we left for the city, where i shopped for groceries and Mistress for wine and clothes. At home She sent me to pick raspberries for a cake She wanted for the visit. i was nearly ready as Lina opened the front door and told me i would need to stop and drive her for sleepover visit to her friend. i stopped as i assumed it had been approved by Mistress and as i had confirmed that, i did as she told me.

It was a very hot day, and i was sweating after all that raspberry picking in long pants and stockings. Therefore i was happy as Mistress informed 'W/we are taking a swim now'. In the beach house She said 'Take off your stockings, and you don't wear them after this. Bring them up in your pocket.' She didn't tease me in the sea, but as W/we were back in the beach house that opens to the sea, She told me i had earned a prize. 'Drop your swimming trunks. Masturbate!' My clitty was shrunk and wrinkled, but i noticed the head was slippery from precum. Just as i had stroked it into hardness, She said: 'Stop. You had not earned a bigger prize than that. Now take firewood with you up, change into shorts, clean thoroughly the balcony and lay the table there with O/our finest china, put cookies on the platters i have chosen, don't use O/our Rörstrand glasses as W/we don't have enough, finish the cake (which She had made as i picked raspberries) with whipped cream, raspberry jam and put finest raspberries on top'. i jumped into action. i was able to finish just in time. She had a snack before the guests arrived and i was allowed to eat leftovers from Her plate - this is how i tasted the lunch shrimp dish.

During the visit a few demeaning things happened. She told them that W/we have reversed roles when it comes to domestic chores, that i prepare all the meals, and She takes care of woodwork etc. men's chores. Later She said to me when to go prepare coffee and tea, and i also served all drinks. She even told me to go make another pot of coffee as the first pot was about consumed. Then as the topic was decor, She told everybody that She wouldn't like a house decorated by me, as i don't care where i live. Then one guest said: 'Even if you lived in a doghouse?' and i couldn't reply at all.

As the guests left after all the glass filling i had been doing the whole night, She told me to clear the table. During that, i checked some tennis results in text-tv and Mistress noticed it and marked me for punishment later. It came as i was ready for bed. She told me to close the bedroom door, find the leather bracelets in the chest, put them on, and She put the dog collar on my neck. Then She told me to attach the ankle bracelets and put my wrists behind my back. She attached my wrists to the back of my collar. She told me to get on my knees, upper body on the bed. She opened my knees with Her foot and started whipping my balls with a small penis whip: a small cat of 9 tales with short, soft and wide strips of leather. It hurt, but She thought it didn't had enough impact, so She just gave a few more on my clitty head, and changed to Her full sized cat-o-9-tales. She started hitting my naked ass with full force, as She told me to apologize as sweetly as i could for watching TV when given another order.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Returning to the diary

Last thing in the evening She told me i would pick up raspberries in the morning if i wake up before Her. i did, and after shaving i had just picked up the bowl for that as i heard Her wake up and made Her tea. She wanted another of Her regular sandwiches, so i had to visit the kitchen garden to get fresh basilica for Her. She chose to eat in the glasshouse and sent me in the kitchen to get more tea for Her and another time to get Her glasses. i love being Her errand boy.

After the breakfast She sent me to pick up the raspberries. As i got back with a litre She said simply, while Lina heard: 'change to your painting pants'. i left upstairs silently and as i got back She handed me a can of varnish, opener for the can and a paintbrush and told me to varnish the new ramp She built a couple of days ago. Off i went to the shed.

i had a little varnish left as the job was completed, so i approached Mistress to ask what to do now. She ordered me to use it on the underlying structure. As i was ready She sent me to prepare lunch, soy marinated salmon, carrots and potatoes. As the potatoes were cooking i relaxed on the carpet watching music videos - i hoped i could get a climpse of Lady Gaga in Alejandro doing those fucking motions behind a guy whose on all fours. Mistress got in and though i stood up immediately She noticed what i was doing, made me apologize and made a mark for a punishment.

After lunch, tea and coffee She let me relax at the beach, update this diary (i had not have time for that after O/our Rimini trip) and only take care of watering. However, She interrupts me to make Her tea, and kneel up to take my punishment. W/we have purchased this summer two electric fly swatters, cheap hand held ones. Now Mistress decided to use the swatter, and gave me one swat on the ass which i willingly exposed for Her, as She mentioned giving a swat on my nipple, which made me fearful and compliant. The swat was strong, like She would have given me a stinging blow. So i raised my trunks immediately, and was glad She didn't ask me to lower them again. Instead She ordered me to lick clean the dirty soles of Her feet. She took off Her sandal, and let me clean one sole thoroughly. There was definitively a lot of black dirt there. Then She ordered me to swim. She came with me but didn't play with me this time, and afterwards She sent me to prepare light dinner. After W/we ate, i remained to prepare raspberry pastries for dessert as O/others watched TV.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

It's June and slave's back!

slave2mywife is back from a break, with a new story Selma's pleasure

i try to continue posting from my diary as well, if you wish.