Sunday, 8 June 2014

Returning to the diary

Last thing in the evening She told me i would pick up raspberries in the morning if i wake up before Her. i did, and after shaving i had just picked up the bowl for that as i heard Her wake up and made Her tea. She wanted another of Her regular sandwiches, so i had to visit the kitchen garden to get fresh basilica for Her. She chose to eat in the glasshouse and sent me in the kitchen to get more tea for Her and another time to get Her glasses. i love being Her errand boy.

After the breakfast She sent me to pick up the raspberries. As i got back with a litre She said simply, while Lina heard: 'change to your painting pants'. i left upstairs silently and as i got back She handed me a can of varnish, opener for the can and a paintbrush and told me to varnish the new ramp She built a couple of days ago. Off i went to the shed.

i had a little varnish left as the job was completed, so i approached Mistress to ask what to do now. She ordered me to use it on the underlying structure. As i was ready She sent me to prepare lunch, soy marinated salmon, carrots and potatoes. As the potatoes were cooking i relaxed on the carpet watching music videos - i hoped i could get a climpse of Lady Gaga in Alejandro doing those fucking motions behind a guy whose on all fours. Mistress got in and though i stood up immediately She noticed what i was doing, made me apologize and made a mark for a punishment.

After lunch, tea and coffee She let me relax at the beach, update this diary (i had not have time for that after O/our Rimini trip) and only take care of watering. However, She interrupts me to make Her tea, and kneel up to take my punishment. W/we have purchased this summer two electric fly swatters, cheap hand held ones. Now Mistress decided to use the swatter, and gave me one swat on the ass which i willingly exposed for Her, as She mentioned giving a swat on my nipple, which made me fearful and compliant. The swat was strong, like She would have given me a stinging blow. So i raised my trunks immediately, and was glad She didn't ask me to lower them again. Instead She ordered me to lick clean the dirty soles of Her feet. She took off Her sandal, and let me clean one sole thoroughly. There was definitively a lot of black dirt there. Then She ordered me to swim. She came with me but didn't play with me this time, and afterwards She sent me to prepare light dinner. After W/we ate, i remained to prepare raspberry pastries for dessert as O/others watched TV.

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