Saturday, 14 June 2014

slave needs a reminder

Next day W/we visited Her mother at Her summerhouse. my balls were still sore, so before W/we set off, She allowed me to remove the cb.

At the cottage i volunteered to pick blueberries. Picking berries is a perfect job for a slave: easy, not very meaningful. You can send a slave to a forest with a vessel, and it is clear even without words that the slave can return only with a full vessel. i picked two litres of berries and got praise for that.

Next i was allowed to stay inside for a 'nap' which allowed me to update this diary with my mobile. However i fell for it and did a little masturbation as i described yesterday's wonderful incidents. In the evening i had to confess that to Mistress, who punished me later.

i drove back according to Mistress's directions, including the choice of route, and back home, after making dinner (potatoes and steaks) W/we did some motorboating with the whole family. It was a hot day, and my activity level dropped, i didn't help empty the water from the boat, cast off the boat etc. i didn't even notice i was being lazy, until Mistress at bedtime asked me angrily what i had done wrong today. She informed me that as a punishment i will sleep on the floor by the bed without any mattress. i settled on the floor with a pillow and a blanket, which i used also wrapped under me as a mattress. She also told me to apologize a few times until it sounded sincere enough. A nice surprise followed after maybe 15 minutes, as She let me back to bed! She learned me to appreciate sleeping in a bed.

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