Saturday, 28 June 2014

Totally controlled

Next day was again a lovely example of holidays that Mistress entirely programs for me. i could have written a more detailed account, but She has started to control also the time i write my diary, and the only time She allowed me to write i noticed my mobile battery was dead and She didn't allow me to get the charger, so i could start writing this in the next morning.

W/we woke up to a thunder, and as usual, Mistress sent me to unplug all devices. Soon the sounds of thunder were so load W/we couldn't sleep so W/we both woke up at 6am.

Typical for the day was that i reported to Her right after each task. Every time a new task didn't follow, especially if She was chatting with kids, which meant i could hang around with all of them. If Mistress left, i followed Her.

This doesn't mean She would hesitate to give direct orders to me in front of kids, though. She sent me many a time to fetch Her a cup of tea, or Her glasses, or something else, as W/we sat down together.

She gave me a new standing order. She wants the kitchen sink empty all times. It means i cannot collect and soak dishes there, i must change my ways so that i clean them at once and put them in dishwasher.

my day consisted of breakfast, digging basis for stone wall in the garden, preparing lunch (chicken tikka masala). Normally, though i may spend an hour cooking the meal, i will not join the O/others eating the new food, but warm up leftovers for me. It is disguised from the kids by letting them understand i am so mean with money i don't want to waste any food.

She kept my motivation up by kissing me on the mouth, twice that day, and once making me kneel and flicking my nose for some minor demeanor.

In the afternoon Mistress commanded again: 'Put on your work gloves' and lead me to the wall building site. The work with the stones was very hot because of our current heatwave. my sweat was pouring down. Then She stopped me, made me drink a lot of lukewarm water and lead me to the beach, where She ordered me swimming with Her. After a little swim She again yanked my trunks down, started squeezing my buttocks hard, reached for my balls from behind as i parted my legs for Her easy access. She felt and lightly tapped them and said 'Fish see odd things around here. Pants up!'
In the evening Mistress decided for a movie rental and pizzas. For me leftover beef and leftover pieces from O/others pizzas were sufficient.

As W/we were in bed, i started stroking and fondling Mistress: first shoulders, thighs, belly, then breasts, licking breasts, stroking Her pussy. She lets me also lick Her pussy, but then She orders me to stop and start sleeping.

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