Thursday, 12 February 2015

Things getting back to normal (24/7 D/s)

Next evening She kisses me on the mouth as W/we lie on the bed. She has not kissed me on the mouth for months. i say i'm happy She has started to kiss me and make love to me again. She says She's starting to accept that She is still going to be married to me. Feels good!

Friday evening She ordered me to clean the glass windows and the doors of O/our wraught iron fireplace in the morning so that it's ready as She wakes up. i always use alarm to wake up early also during weekends as mornings are my only allocated times for net browsing. Now i had less time for that on Saturday morning.

i complied and everything was clean at 8am. As She woke up She had me first clear the paths of snow, then used me first as Her chauffeur, without telling me beforehand where we were heading. It turned out to be a tour of two second hand shops and grocery store for me. After W/we ate a tortilla lunch prepared by me, She ordered me to make rooibos tea for Her as i make coffee for myself, kids hearing.

Then i got a lecture for not updating my long term chore excel for nearly a year. It's a list of chores that are due seldom, like once in three months or once a year. For example cleaning the inside of Her car, cleaning the pool, moving certain plants to bigger pots etc. The excel file includes last dates when i have done it, and next dates when i should do it next time. However, there were many chores that were overdue.

So now She ordered me to do two dirty jobs that were much overdue. First i needed to clean up air conditioning machine and its filters, then empty central vacuum cleaner's waste container. The filters were very dirty and the waste container was crammed full, filters already non-operational. i had to walk in deep snow to get the dirt emptied in compost. As i reported back She forced me to kneel, as She was sitting on the sofa, and said that i had dropped dirt from the AC filters on Her stuff, and i will be punished for that carelessness.

But first She made me remove shit out of hamster's cage. Nice addition to emptying cat's litter box each day. As i wanted to report to Her after that, i faced a problem. i didn't know where She was, so i had to knock on many closed doors as i am not allowed to open doors without knocking.

Finally as i found Her in the bedroom, She said it was my punishment time. i wondered whether it would be electric shocks, eating restrictions, the riding crop or what, and my clitty tries to get hard in my cb. It hurts and i have to bend over. She orders me to bring the cayenne pepper. Now i believe She's putting it under my foreskin. As i have offered it to Her kneeling, She orders me to tilt my head and open my mouth. She scatters a healthy dose of cayenne in my mouth and makes me swallow, open up my mouth again and i feel the powder drop on my tongue as She repeats the process. My mouth's on fire and soon my stomach's too. Then She orders me to make Her black tea and after that get lost. i update this in my diary and have a nap, to be able to offer more service when it is needed.

Mistress woke me up as She wanted a cup of green tea, and then i needed to prepare a lot of chicken pasta soup and warm up the sauna. Lina's four friends were arriving soon for a sleep over, and sauna and swims at O/our pool were in order. i am happy kids get a good example in O/our home that daddy can also be the one to cook and clean.

i had to eat the leftovers of the earlier tortilla meal myself, and as i was making dough after the meal to prepare fried bananas for dessert, Mistress ever so kindly helped me to clear the table and fed me the remains of cold chicken sauce. Mistress wanted to fry loads of bananas, as much to use up all the dough, and i was insolent enough to state as my opinion - which of course did not count - that less would be enough. Well, Mistress was right and everything was eaten with good apetite by Mats and the girls watching a movie.

Mistress sent me to get more firewood and girls went to sauna after i had brushed its floor and checked it was OK and then i bathed alone, Mistress wanted sauna on Sunday. I did unsupervised the whole set of water aerobics. i was unattended with the cb removed, but i didn't masturbate. However i did put my penis backwards, upside down on a bench, pretended my ankles were spread wide and tied to its legs and i flicked my finger across my frenum without cumming of course. i know it was wrong, but couldn't help it.

As She had punished me today, i was very surprised that in the evening She made me kneel by Her side of the bed, drop my thong and masturbate for a full minute, full hand, watching the time from my wrist watch all the time. It was a present for working hard for Her today. i was somehow unprepared and could not even edge during that time, though it's a long time since She made me spill my semen on the floor last time. We fell asleep holding each other.

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