Saturday, 28 March 2015

A day off

Saturday dawned cold as the whole winter. My piercing had been a bit sore for some time, but now it had felt cured, so i locked my penis again with two locks, epilated and put fire in the fireplace. 

Mistress woke up, maybe i made tea for Her i don't remember. During weekends Mistress has put me in Mode 2, 'the D/s mode', but i have always been the one to ask if W/we go into that mode. For some reason i wanted to see if She puts me in Mode 2 or takes up that subject if i don't. She didn't take it up. Instead She went to the laundry room to take care of laundry. i followed Her there and thought whether to ask it or not. Finally i didn't. 

i had free time. i had to think what to do myself. i fetched a book i had got as a Xmas present, and started reading it by the fireplace. 

Later She asked what i was doing and i said i thought i would like to read. Still later W/we talked about the issue itself and it turned out She had thought i wanted a day off, which i actually didn't. i only wanted to see that She puts me in submission.

i was sad without O/our connection, the weekly dose of D/s. It turned up i spent the whole day in Mode 1. i took care of the lunch anyway, and informed Her (from now on just 'her') that i go to the grocery store. i did most of the chores, now just the D/s element was missing and it felt lousy. 

In the evening She said She had some health problems, and said they may be due to the fact She has not been head over heels in love since She was 10 - implying She has never been a lot in love with me. i got so sad.

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