Sunday, 1 March 2015

Cured from the masturbation habit?

During the week there's some cold nights, and i volunteer to warm up first Her side of the bed and then move to warm up my own cold place. That becomes soon the standard procedure, if i get to bedroom before Her.

Saturday means another day in Mode 2, and i clean up in kitchen, get the paper for Her and after breakfast She orders me to start moving notes from the old address book to the new one. A long and tedious job that it interrupted as W/we take Lina to the bus, She's going to Oslo for a sleepover at her friend's.

Back home She decides to pluck my ears again. i have hair growing in my ears, Mistress dislikes it, and regularly orders me to bring tweezers and skin cream and lay my head ear up on Her lap. First it hurts a lot, but you get used to it and it is kind of relaxing eventually. Finally She takes a dollop of skin cream on Her finger and greases the ear, including the inner part, pushing Her finger deep, the grease making it feel and sound wild and making me feel penetrated. Next i'm made to fetch firewood and start warming the house with the fireplace, the cold weather continues.

i make lunch, it's leftover thai salmon soup this time, but for dessert Mistress wants Danish pastries filled with apple sauce and whipped cream. i take the dough sheets from freezer, then work with the fireplace, serve Her a big mug of black tea with milk which She has ordered in Her study. She orders me to look up Her camera, and bring it to Her. When i bring it, She makes me help Her doing some photographing. After that i may prepare the pastries and start warming up the sauna.

As pastries are ready Mistress has some with rooibos tea She ordered with them, and I am allowed to go to the sauna first, without the cb like always. There i am, alone, naked, my penis free. However i don't start masturbating. i feel my penis lightly a few times, but it would seem somehow odd and even awkward to start masturbating. i later come to think that the reason is that after nearly two years in the cb, and with minimal masturbation, nothing after the piercing as the pullout was prevented, i have forgotten the habit. i am cured! i browse Fetlife and other sites and leak precum and am constantly in a state of arousal, but when i get a chance to masturbate secretly, i don't do it.

The moment goes by, Mistress joins me soon and i begin water aerobics. This time doing the jumping jacks and other motions hurts on my piercing. The ring swings from side to side as i move and in the end of my penis it gains leverage. i ask Mistress whether to stop or put on swimming trunks, and She chooses the latter. With trunks on there's no pain.

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