Sunday, 15 March 2015

Puppy training

Being in slavery for most part of 2,5 years has changed my behaviour in many ways, not only by making it feel awkward to masturbate without permission. Also, it has become self-evident that i eat always the oldest leftovers from the fridge, take care we always have all necessary supplies in the kitchen, take care there is a meal ready in the fridge as kids come home from school and i am still at work. These happen automatically now, my behaviour is modified.

Slaving away during weekend consisted of work, not much fun. Friday night She already programmed my Saturday morning. i'll have to get up early and do the groceries shopping before She wakes up. That effectively diminished my possibilities of net surfing. i was in my small car before 8am, and surely doing shopping was easy as i was nearly the only customer. As i got home, Mistress was awake and had made Herself tea. i brought Her the paper and joined Her for breakfast. She told me to put warm clothes on, She took me with Her on a long walk. Back home i prepared a delicious chicken soup for lunch, and did some cleaning up, dishwasher emptying and filling and other usual chores like that. W/we were in Mode 2 (slave mode) so i reported to Her after each task, curtseyed and thanked for the new command.

In the afternoon She arranged me some dog training, after Lina had been taken to Her sleepover. Sitting on O/our big sofa She said some dog schooling is necessary and started with 'Sit'. i failed immediately, i raised my hands below my chin like paws and knelt. Hands were Ok, but She corrected me and made me kneel with my butt on my heels. Then 'Roll over'. Again a mistake, i kept rolling over many times, She corrected that i must only roll over once after each command. Next ones were easier, though 'Stand' confused me for a moment and i stood up cautiously. Then 'Sit', 'Roll over' and 'Stand' were repeated until i knew the drill. Points of intrigue were biting painfully to my clitty inside cb-2000 as i wobbled to the kitchen to make Her white tea.

Later the evening W/we went to a ball looking so neat and sexy, me in a suit, Her in an evening dress and stockings.

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