Sunday, 29 March 2015

Reinventing O/our D/s relationship

Dear Diary, surprising things have happened. We had O/our conversation Thursday night in Her pc room. It turned out She was still in love with me and wanted to continue with me. She wanted to start O/our relationship all over again. A little crying, a little hugging, and i couldn't leave Her. W/we would reinvent O/our D/s relationship.

As W/we went to bed, She settled Herself on top of me, and some hot petting followed, kissing on the mouth, stroking of some crotch areas through O/our undies, some wetness in O/our pants, some sucking on Her nipples, some vigorous biting on my nipples, undressing the rest of clothes, removing the foreskin ring, condom on, on my back so She can mount me. We fucked, like never before, so energetic, so sweet it felt. She made a kind of a rope out of the sleeveless shirt i had worn, and pressed it into my mouth like a gag as She fucked me. Soon She wanted me to fuck Her from behind and W/we erupted in an orgasm, first Her, me trailing right after Her.

As for the new start, W/we decided to start with a date. The next day i took Her to a cafe, and there W/we outlined what would eventually become a feasible, sustainable D/s relationship. 

First, instead of rigid, long periods in D/s or non-D/s-mode, W/we will go into D/s mode every time Mistress wants it. She simple gives me some order, and that means i will now be Her slave and i have to thank Her if W/we are alone, carry out the command and afterwards curtsey if alone and report. Now if She continues to command me, D/s continues, if not, W/we continue automatically in vanilla mode. 

Besides, i will be responsible to find and arrange mutual time and suitable place for being privately together especially in the evenings before W/we get too tired. It's for Her to decide what W/we will do during those moments. It can be me pampering Her, just hugging and kissing, or something else. But once a week, probably during the weekend She will use this time to a sexual D/s session. 

She will also require intellectual input, ideas and plans from me. She doesn't want just a slave who only says 'thank you' to everything. W/we also decided that for the time being i don't epilate nor wear the cb as these are not to much interest of Hers.

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