Monday, 23 March 2015

The most difficult assignment

On Sunday She left in the morning to a work assignment of Hers. I know She was doing some work together with a male colleague, but i'm pretty sure She isn't secretly cuckolding me. For me She left a challenge: if i can think of 10 tasks which improve O/our home and complete them, i get a reward. i said right away this is really difficult. i could easily COMPLETE 10 tasks, but to PLAN them, hard for a slave, not used to thinking.

Well i explained my predicament to Lina, my daughter, who brought me to the laundry room. We piled dried laundry, started the washing machine and ironed two jackets and a tablecloth that had been stored for some time waiting to be ironed. Then i washed O/our fireplace, cleaned up the kitchen, brought firewood inside, kept fire in the fireplace. However i didn't quite get 10 tasks together and did not get any reward. Instead She took me for another walk with Her deciding each turn as She always does. In the evening i had to warm up the sauna and prepare a large amount of creamy salmon soup as the rest of us were watching TV.

Next week went without much to report, Mode 1.

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