Sunday, 12 April 2015

Puppy play and humiliating erection test

On Saturday W/we both slept in. Cuddling in the bed after waking up. She orders me around in the morning, serving Her tea, doing the laundry. She says She wants me to prepare a 3-course meal on Sunday, including laying the table really neatly. i study the cookbooks and propose a few variations for the menu to let Her choose. Then i go grocery shopping alone to get the ingredients.

As i get back home She reminded me it's lunchtime, so i prepared a meal out of old leftovers, eating the oldest stuff myself. For Saturday dinner i prepared a full fajitas meal.

Then by 7pm i reported to Mistress now W/we could have O/our 'time together'. She decided W/we sneak into the bedroom and lock the door. Then She outlined O/our future D/s sex: i was to write my sex ideas on 12 small slips of paper. There was not much space on one slip, only for 6-8 words. i wrote down things like 'being tied on my back legs up by my head + spanking', 'being made to masturbate with one finger, penis bent backwards', 'licking pussy while tied down', 'kneeling, pressing a coin to the wall', 'puppy play session in a collar and leash', 'cbt session with ball weights', 'penis whipping' etc. She put all the paperslips in a bowl and would draw one each time She decides we'll play. Besides, She asks me what's my current favourite session type. However, She decides Herself if She realizes the type of session on the slip She draws from the bowl, my current favourite or something totally different.

She drew a slip, and as She asked my favourite, i answered it would be tied on the bed legs up and spanked and teased. She made up Her mind, ordered me to undress and open the toy chest. She took out the big dog collar and placed it in Her lap, inviting me to settle my neck on it for Her to collar. She yanked the collar tight around my neck, i felt it taut around my neck. She clipped on a leash, twisted it until the leash was fixed to the back of my neck, and started my dog training session.

With a huge hardon i heeled Her on my knees as She walked around the bedroom. She dished out commands: kneel, sit (on my haunches), squat, kneel, stand, sit... She said i was quite a well-trained puppy and She rewarded me by making me open my mouth and shoving bits of toffee in. Then some more heeling, with more toffee treats.

She also liked my beg-pose, with hands held like paws by the chest, and as the dog was 'begging' She started patting it - but innovatively She patted the dog's male member which stood at full mast. She soon changed into patting my penis with Her foot, causing whimpers of delight emitting from the dog's mouth. 'Down'-command made me lie on my belly. i didn't dive quickly enough, so She pressed on my naked butt with Her foot. She ordered me back to kneeling and tossed me the rest of the toffee crumbs which i missed with my mouth. i gobbled the candy off the floor.

Finally it was time for my endurance test. She put me back to the kneeling position, placed the leash on my shoulder, unwrapped another candy, and placed it on my boner. 'I will be reading my book in the bed, you will maintain your stiffy and you will be either punished or rewarded if you are horny enough to stay erect for a long time without other stimulation but that candy on it.' She had placed me sideways to the bed, so She had a full view. She would also hear the candy fall. i just had to kneel naked, collar tight round my neck, keep my hands by my sides and stay erect.

At first it was easy. Maybe 10 minutes saw little movement. Then the angle started to drop, as did my penis. By straining my muscles i managed to raise my pecker an inch, then it dropped again, putting the candy in danger. The rest of the time became an ongoing struggle between gravity and my willpower. i tried to think of sexual thoughts, and succeeded in staying erect and dripping precum on the hardwood floor for about 20 minutes.

i didn't know the time, or how long i should keep it up to qualify for a reward, but as the candy dropped to the floor with a clang, Mistress told me i was a good boy to last 20 minutes. She stood up, took the candy, coated it in the juices that had collected at the penis head (sharp edges - ouch), told me to open my mouth and shoved it in. Then She took my leash, yanked backwards and told me to lean back, supporting myself on my hands, while sitting on my bent legs. She rubbed my penis with Her foot again and gave me my watch and told me to masturbate 90 seconds sharp, with possibility to release.

My foreskin ring had been sore for some time now, emitting ooze, so it took me a moment to figure out best way to masturbate. i was quite wet and started caressing my bare penis head with small motions which were steadily bringing my closer to orgasm. However, the clock was ticking fast, and at 90 seconds i had not even been able to edge myself. Well, i had had an orgasm just two days earlier, so it was no wonder. Then i needed to put everything away and lick the floor clean of my precum and wash it so that it doesn't become slippery.


  1. You should never just let a sore ozzing without getting medical help. I am an RN so I am not prescribing what to do. But you could have ended up with a very bad infection and possible amputation of blood poisionng.
    Just take care guys

  2. Thanks for your concern Jenny. I'm sure you are right and anyone facing such sores should get medical help . Fortunately I healed totally and as of today i'm 100% in shape!