Sunday, 31 May 2015

D/s or S/M

A few days later She made another lottery and chose another paper slip. She ordered me to strip naked and open the toy chest, don my little brown leather corset. She needed to help me draw the strings in at the back. Next She ordered me to put on the ankle and wrist straps. She tied me spreadeagled to the bedposts and only then She noticed She forgot to make me put on stockings.

Anyway, She got a condom, and and i was stiff as a stick as She started unwrapping it onto my shaft. She settled on my legs and started masturbating me, first coarsly later with short, fast movements until i started cumming. She stopped the motions, but kept Her hand around the base of my prick. That was enough for me to be able to experience about a normal orgasm. At least ejaculation was full, and i went through a down time after this.

As O/our D/S-relation had detoriated back to S/M-sessions, Mistress noticed where had been more chores for Her, She even had to prepare meals a few times as She was at home and me at work. She didn't like it and in early April She sent me an SMS inviting me again as Her meek slave.

At home She made me make Her tea and a meal and polish Her boots and show them for Her approval. She didn't approve them on first and not the second time, until they were spotless.

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