Sunday, 9 August 2015

In a hotel with Mistress

Next weekend W/we went to my uncle's funeral to mid-Norway, and W/we stayed at a small hotel in a small town. Kids stayed at home, they have just reached the age that W/we can do so and that's great.

Mistress ordered me to take along a bag full of toys of my own choice. i took things like leather helmet, plastic black mini skirt, corset and stockings for Her, ball gag, restraints etc.

She called the shots during O/our stay, deciding W/we'll take a long walk first when W/we arrive, deciding the route etc.

At the hotel She ordered me to undress and put the electric dog training collar on my neck. But it had been on all the time and battery had worn off. Instead She ordered me ankle and wrist bracelets and the dog collar with a leash. She ordered me to remove Her tights. It was a bit cold so She decided to put on stockings and black leather boots.

She ordered me to kneel and lock the bracelets all together. i asked how She wanted my hands: between legs. She went to the toilet and i waited ass up between the hotel beds. As She returned She took the cat-o-9-tales and started whipping my ass, switching to hit my balls with the handle. i was howling uncontrollably, and i feared that my cries could attract attention. i asked for a gag, but Mistress said no-one hears as a dance band was playing just below U/us. She said i sounded just like a little fearful dog howling. She made me lick Her boots which was oh so lovely, and She even put my leash between the sole and heel of Her boot and yanked my head down to the boot by the leash, making me kiss and lick them. That made my penis stand at attention, but soon the noise from the restaurant or something else distracted me and made my penis stay soft throughout most of the evening. i was practically im
potent, something that has not happened to me after W/we started D/s. She put on the corset and made me suckle Her breasts, lick buttocks and finally lay on my back as She straddled my face and made me lick Her pussy, but i couldn't get myself hard.

Without fingering me She went to bed and woke up angry in the morning as i gently woke Her up by hugging Her.

This incident stopped O/our D/s until next Saturday as W/we talked through everything and i pleaded with Her to continue dominating me. She approved and became more demanding than before. She also said She wants three things from me: say and show daily that i love Her, kiss and hug Her daily and take care of kitchen - always, as She hates it. The following day was the busyest for me for half a year.

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