Sunday, 27 August 2017

O/our D/s-relationship got rebooted

Bad is turning to good again!  Mistress gave me approval to reboot this blog now, and this time in real time - earlier i posted excerpts from my diary. The things i described had happened a few years before publication.  i try to update you on everything - a lot has happened!

O/our D/s relationship was on a hiatus for a couple of years. It was sad. Eventually She didn't even want to have sex with me for the last year.  Things got so bad she threatened to throw me out, because she's not getting anything from me.  According to a post-nup W/we have made, it would have meant O/our house and everything else save my clothes and toy collection would have gone to Her. i think She deserves O/our property so i would have coped with that and not been even angry about it.

However W/we had a thorough discussion this week, and Mistress announced that she is taking on the D/s again, but on a different basis.  Now W/we are again like just fallen in love! Friday evening is D/s play night, i will do chores for Her starting from when i get home from work, and late in the evening there's a D/s session, anything from half an hour to two hours.  Saturday is dedicated to Her, i will pamper Her and W/we have another sex session which is kind of D/s also, but concentrates on Her pleasure - yesterday was the first one and it was a success, She got 4 orgasms with the dildo! On Friday W/we had the first new D/s night, and i loved it so much. i'll tell the details in another post.  She decided not to make me cum, so i'm still horny as hell, but it suits me either way.

O/our kids have moved out recently so now W/we have the freedom to play naked around the house. If they get home for weekend W/we play on Thursday night. Another major issue is that W/we have relocated back to Helsinki region, Finland.

Yesterday W/we went to Ikea and rearranges our toy chest, which had been a nuisance, because it took so much time to find the tools, not nice in the midst of a session.

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  1. Great to see you back online and posting again and so pleased to hear that things sound like they are better at home. Welcome back, you were missed.