Monday, 28 August 2017

Preparing for the first session after reboot

W/we were both anxious, if W/we could play again after such a long break. What if W/we fail miserably?

To make it easier for Her to find ideas for sessions W/we decided i make a picture gallery of the honestly hottest session pics i've found in the net. It was also for Her to acquaint better with my sex interests as of today. i wad to be open with Her, and choose my favourite pics regardless of them being femdom, gaydom, lezdom or something else.

i divided them into pup play, pony play, bondage/bindings and other activities. Activities and bondage positions focused in Hitachi play, electro play, cbt and spanking. i might post those pics in my tumblr.

She said She will assess the feasibility of the pics, but She will not hint in any way about the contents of the sessions which will also include things She wants. It will be a total surprise for me.

For the Mistress-centric session i will receive very little briefing and mostly She will direct me live, She said.

On Friday W/we visited two flea markets, and i was allowed to look for pervertibles. i managed to find a few one euro purchases.

i got two hard wooden paddles, originally meant for some ball game. Also a steel chain as ny neclace and barbecue tongs for bending my penis for wax torture.

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