Sunday, 17 September 2017

"Candlelight supper"

Mistress had been angry for my unauthorized orgasm the whole week. She didn't take any chances during my next session Friday night.

This time Mistress ordered me to bring Her paper and pen. She was going to write down all the plusses and minuses during my 3 hour serving time. Both quality and speed were going to be surveyed.

i was made to only remove my pants and roll my sleeves, no costume this time.

First She made me clean up the floor as She had been warming the fireplace with firewood and there was a lot of trash. As i reported to Her She came and inspected my work and made notes, not mentioning what She wrote. Thrilling!

Next was supper, with Her favourite kind of sandwiches. i could eat kneeling by the table. After clearing the table She sent me to prepare fresh pesto for Her, another of Her favourites. Of course this command included cleaning up afterwards. She approved of the pesto but - lo behold - She found a little pesto at the edge of the food processor and i was made to reclean.

She made me prepare Her a little pesto sandwich which i failed as i didn't put any tomato slices on it. While She was preparing to eat it She told me to get a canvas, spread it on the floor, get some tealights and matches.

The result was a long session, while i had to keep completely still while tealights were burning on my tits, thighs, pubic mound and belly. Gradually the tealights melted and started heating and finally burning. My thighs started hurting first, and as also belly candle started hurting a lot Mistress blew the candles. 

Result was some round burn marks, which are still showing.
Session pic

Burn marks next day
Here's a pic that inspired Her for the scene.

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