Monday, 11 September 2017

Mistress's session in a hotel

This weekend the session for Mistress was held before the session for me.  Her session included much of the same elements like before, but i was allowed to lick Her more. She doesn't like the tongie flat on her vulva, or licking Her intensively. She likes the silken touch of the tongue, light caresses along the edge of Her pussy lips and between them. i kept my head horizontal to Her pussy son that my lips aligned with Her pussy lips and i could lightly trace Hers with the tip of my tongue.  W/we were in a hotel, so She didn't have Her outfits She likes to cum in, and after me using the vibrator on Her while licking Her at the same time W/we stopped without Her cumming. She doesn't like to show me Her cumming, that's the other reason.

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