Saturday, 23 September 2017

Sessions have their risks

i don't have any pics of yesterday's session. Something happened so She couldn't take any. But i'll tell you all about it.

First W/we had a little bit trouble switching into the session mode. When does the session start? W/we didn't have that figured out precisely so i fidgeted about when it was time for me to surrender myself as a session slave.  As i finally knelt before Her, She slapped my face quite hard. Well now Mistress has given a rule that right at the agreed time i present myself kneeling before Her and verbalizing my status. 

This didn't have anything to do with the problem that i got into later, and a serving session started with me dressed in an white apron and  briefs only. First She made me clean the kitchen thoroughly, giving precise info how to do it to Her liking. First i went through the surfaces, but She didn't approve the result the first, and not the second time. She demanded perfection, and checked carefully not only surfaces but the drawers, microwave and dishwasher too.

Next She had me put some newspapers on the floor, get the copper detergent and bring certain copper dishes W/we have.  She kept me cleaning and polishing the copperware with the exception when She wanted a pesto sandwich, and sent me to prepare and serve it.

As the copper was shining to Her liking, She checked the fridge and noticed it still needs cleaning. i had to remove most of the shelves to get it done, wash, dry and reinstall them.

The time was flying and finally She left me kneeling in the living room as She went upstairs to plan the session part. As She was ready She told me to get there too, remove everything, and stand at the foot of the bed. She had me put on ankle and wrist bracelets and fixed a spreader bar between my ankles.  My wrists were connected behind my back. A leather hood was put on my head.  It has nostril openings but it is loose, so that it works as a rebreather (part of the early i exhale stays in the hood and i inhale it back).

From that on i didn't see what was happening, but She slapped my clit head quite hard making me cry, and soon i felt something was wrapped around the base of my balls and sissy clit, with many loops, and then something dragged them downwards. i tried to follow, bending at the knees, but She forbid that. Later i understood she had attached O/our 2 kg weight to my genitals.

Next electro pads were taped on my sissy clit (base) and behind my balls. i jumped as She turned on the electro quite high.  She kept on changing the program and intensity, and mostly it was pretty intense and kept me vocal. Then She chose a channel and kept it on, moving to the chest. Next i felt Her slapping my tits with a new implement, a spatula or a food turner. W/we had just purchased a standard turner from Ikea and a big barbecue spatula from fleamarket.  This was the large one, i later learned. i had quite a sting, Mistress liked that quite a lot.

She turned the knob but told me that i would face castration if i cummed this time (quite made the point).  Next i felt one of O/our new paddles on my buttocks. Hard blows with a heavy paddle (the one W/we just bought) and electro on my clitty were quite the combination, but suddenly i started to feel ill.  In just 15 seconds i started to feel sick to my stomach and i began to fear i could vomit in the hood.  i told Mistress, and She started unbuckling the collar and getting it off.  It was maybe a matter of seconds or minutes, as i started to sweat all over in cold sweat and had to sit on the foot of the bed.

Maybe it was the restriction on the air that made me suddenly feel ill.  One would assume that one could pass out in the session, but it turned out that feeling sick is what happens to me, and vomiting in a hood might cause suffocation so there are risks.

Obviously the session was ended, and i basicly did not miss much as it was already close to the end anyway, but I'm afraid Mistress now thinks She got too far.  Well maybe breath play is not my piece of cake, who knows. Anyway W/we are both well now and ready for Mistress's session.

W/we watched 50 shades of grey from the Finnish tv just as i types this.  Pretty boring movie though.  Nothing compared to the inventiveness of Mistress's sessions. She always thinks of new postures and combinations of things!

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