Saturday, 14 October 2017

Ordered to edge myself

We had O/our weekly session already, as Mats is joining U/us fr the weekend.

Mistress said that She was looking forward to the session, and She might want more than one submission session per week. She requires absolute obeience during the session. As she had me strip, put on a leather bikini and a lacy white apron and kneel up, my hands fidgeted under the apron. She strictly ordered me to kneel still and look straight ahead, and had me kneel there until i was perfectly still a long time, including my hands, while She was talking about small boys with ADHD.
She had me spread newspapers on the living room floor and told me to fetch Her long boots from the basement and shoe polishing stuff. As She browsed Her phone and listened to some news from it, i knelt at Her feet and rubbed Her boots with shoe polisher. Twice She dismissed my work, making me continue polishing until i spread polisher all along the surface to the very top and rubbed them again totally.  i had to go through all Her shoes after that and clean all pairs that needed cleaning or polishing, and She inspected them all.  One pair of white plastic shoes has scratches, and i couldn't get them good even though i tried to clean them with soap after Her instruction. 

She used me for getting all the odd jobs done, arranging stuff, taking stuff to its place, even put a coat on top of my attire and run to my car to fix stickers to the windcreen.  She also gave me two minutes to suggest three jobs that needed to be done around the house.  i quickly teetered about to find things to do, and could manage to put together a proposal in two minutes: arranging and clearing magazines, stuff on the chairs, and floors that needed cleaning.  Then She made me do part of those and sent me to prepare supper for Her.  i have to concentrate hard as She itemizes things to use for Her supper, everything has to be right.  Cleaning kitchen fully is expected with every kitchen duty.

i made a couple of mistakes which made Her mad. She notices i had read a magazine while waiting Her tea to settle, and as She gave me permission to have ice cream with Her, i started eating before She gave me permission to start.  She is really strict nowadays with stuff like that and really scolds me.  Now corporal punishment this time though.  A lot of kneeling upright by Her feet of course.
She had me wor for Her for more than three hours, like She is used to, before telling me to remove my apron and get to upstairs in the leather bikini. i was told to remove that too, bring Her a batch of parchment paper and sit by the wall in lotus position, my back tightly against a cupboard door. She pushed a ball gag in my mouth and added a blindfold.  The parchment paper was placed under my crotch. Then She gave me the Hitachi vibrator, and told me to play with it, but no cummies!

It was fun!  i understood i could not touch my sissy clit with my hand, only with the wand. i found it easier to try to press my clit against the floor, which felt right too.  The more i pressed, the quicker i got to the edge, then i had to raise the vibrator.  She grabbed my genitals every now and then and twisted them violently do that i whimpered. She also teased my nipples which are sensitive due to my new Pueraria Mirifica use. The clit slipped easily so it was not so easy to do this with one hand. i tried also to press my clit against my belly but that was even more difficult. Eventually i had to lick the paper clean, i had leaked a lot of precum, but no cummies like said.


  1. Don't you look so lovely and sexy sitting like that naked. As a slave should be.