Friday, 3 November 2017

Carrying a bucket of water with my balls

During the next "my" sessions, She has restarted an old habit W/we had, me reading to Her. She is reading a book, but during a session She shows me where to start reading and i read out loud to Her. i know nothing of the book, have not read it, but it is not for me, it is for Her. Some tens of pages at a time.  The "pre-session" when i serve Her according to Her every whim, has been becoming longer, yesterday it was 4 hours, starting at 6pm till 10pm.

After that She goes through the idea pics, (i could post all the idea pics if you like), and decides what to do to me.  This time i was told to fix a ball weight, when tied standing up legs spread and tied to the corners of a bed, hands behind my back and tied to the collar. A blindfold was added. She added some weight to the ball weight, then i understood it was an empty bucket, because i heard Her pouring water and there was more weight to my balls.

After 1 litre of water my balls were in agony. However She added half a litre, and left me to suffer.  i asked if i could sit on the footboard of the bed, and She allowed it. Even though the bucket was still above the  floor, that eased things up, and i said now i can even take some more. She added half a litre, but told me to stand up!  That was agony, and i asked if i could sit again, but She said no!  i had to carry 2 litres of water with my metal ball weight. Then She took a whip (turned out to be a riding crop) and started hitting strategic places of my body in random order: clit, ass, balls, tits, back...

She uses these pics as a model.  my hair is shaved like in the pic, and also the weight is similar, though i have rings in my ball weight which were used to carry the bucket.
Finally i started to feel sick, which She noticed and let me sit on the footboard bar. However that didn't help, and She called the session off.

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