Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Extra Father's day session

It was the Father's Day in Finland on Sunday, and Mistress told me in the morning that as a present i will get a 1-2 hour session, nice!

First She told me to undress altogether. Then go on all fours, but not on my knees, to the kitchen behind Her. There i had to cook fishes for O/our cat, and kiss cold fish first, yuck!  Cleaning the kitchen during the cooking was a given.  Next i had to assist Mistress in preparing Her luggage for O/our holiday that starts next week.

i had to act as Her seat as She had Her tea. i was in all fours again, on my knees, and She sat on my lower back, one leg at each side.  Next She told me to carry Her around the big carpet (my knees were bare). i could manage that quite well!

Next it was upstairs, opening the toy chest for Her, taking out trays... She chose clover clamps, and threatened to put those on my tender nipple, but instead but them to my earlobes. There is a chain connecting them, and She fixed a leathe leash to the middle of the chain so She could lead me from the clamps.

First She gathered the leash into a tight bundle, and kept Her hand low so i had to bend double as i followed Her, and keep 30cm from Her right hip! She was turning round a lot, making it difficult to follow and not bump into Her, but it was really fun, i started leaking precum.

She drew the nipple chain over my head to the back now, while i was standing still, and started tilting me to the back by my ears, until my back was severely arched to the back. She had noticed my excitement and She started now masturbating me in my awkward position, and She could have made me cum, but She stopped just short of it.

Now She guided me backwards to the bed using the leash, told me to sit and lie on my back on the bed, while She took wrist cuffs, tied them on me, and the cuffs to a belt on my waist. Now She removed Her panties and sat Her full weight on my chest, looking at my face. There was not much i could do as She raised Herself a bit, and moved to my mouth, i used my new pussylicking skills for a nice long time.

It was the first time for a long time i could lick Her from below like W/we used to in O/our early days! A good father's day present!

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