Friday, 3 November 2017

Going down on Her

Mistress used Her option for Her own sex session yesterday. First W/we relaxed in the sauna. Next She settled on the floor and had me grease Her dry skin from neck to toe, and had me pay extra attention to Her toes.
Massage made Her well relaxed and She put on stockings and a suspender belt, nothing else. She wanted me to swipe the tender skin of Her legs and thighs, then concentrate between Her legs. After a lot of sweeping i could finger fuck Her, first one, then two, three fingers. She does not like to be actually finger fucked, the fingers need to be rotated inside Her.
Finally She asked me to lick Her clit lightly, again no flicking, no fast moves, but slow, continuous licks, and my fingers inside Her as well. She finished Herself off Herself.

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