Wednesday, 8 November 2017

I had the first laser treatment "Brazilian"

It's official, my crotch is permanently laser hair removal treated now!  Of course it should take 3-4 more sessions to get it 100% hairless. i was surprised how quick and easy it was.

i went to the nice laser clinic last week, where i had already been to a discussion and test earlier. Now i had booked time for a brazilian treatment: laser hair removal for the entire bikini area, front to back.

The nice lady nurse is a straightforward person. "Take your pants off then and on the table". I could keep my socks and shirt.  We discussed the area a bit, she was a bit surprised at the big size of the treated area, and also wanted me to confirm that i wished even the ball sacs treated, but of course i wanted, those are most difficult to shave!

She drew some lines on the skin, and put the cool air blower on my crotch and started.  The smell of burning hair was eminent right away even though i had shaved everything off that same morning, like instructed.  The smell comes from the burning hair follicles.

My white skin, dark hair combination seems perfect for laser. Luckily i have no grey hairs yet.

As she had treated my front, she told me to stretch my penis to the side, as she treated the side of it. So she did not touch my junk herself at all.  Next i had to stretch it the other way, and then towards my navel, as she treated the underside of penis.

During the test i had been able to stay 100% limp, but to my horror i noticed that i was getting semi erect! i could however hide it those crucial moments under my hand, and thinking about work stuff i could get it fully limp again. Close shave!

She asked me to say right away if it bites too badly, which i did as she started to treat the area between my penis and balls. She turned down the intensity for that area, i think.  That was the only area there i noticed burned hair a few days later.  i had to stretch my ball sac skin next that way and the other as she went through it as well as she could. When the machine does not give sounds, there is no more hair to be treated, and then she moved on.

Next she told me to take me knees to opposite directions, so she could work my perineum and the crease between thigh and perineum.  At no stage did he order me to lift my legs from the table.

Mostly the treatment hurt only a little, but a few times i jerked from pain, like when in the final phase she had ordered me to turn around and lay on my belly, and she opened up my buttocks and treated my ass crack and the area right around my anus. The darkish seam between buttocks hurt namely a lot. the reason is that darker skin also sucks up part of the energy.

Now after 6 days it seems to have worked very well. Some hairs are left, some fall out and next i will contact the nurse again, and ask if i should keep the hairs that grow back intact or shave them. But overall i am very happy about the results, and maybe some other areas like my chest will be treated.
Smooth as a baby - forever!!

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