Saturday, 11 November 2017

Pony training 2

Yesterday was a session night again.  Normally W/we start at 6pm, but now She told me half an hour earlier W/we could start. i was in the middle of doing customs clearance in the net for Scott Paul humiliator gag system, but i just closed my laptop even though it meant i had to start the whole process today from scratch.

On my knees i get 'Slave ready for service'.  First She told me to follow Her upstairs, where She had took some of Her clothes out of the closet.  She told me to remove everything and put on a condom. She must have decided to put an end to leakages on the floors. Then She pointed at some black cloth: 'Put that on!' They were a pair of half-leg black women's long johns. That was my slave attire tonight.

She had saved cleaning toilets for me.  She told me i will have to ask for Her inspection after each of the three toilets is cleaned. She told me not to forget mirrors, doors, surfaces, bowls and their lids.  Then off i went to clean first of the toilets.  In inspection She noticed hand mirrors were not polished, and also the soup holder was not washed.  Next toilets i did more carefully, but She was strict and made me redo some mirrors etc.

Next was cooking supper. She gave precise instructions what to prepare, and how to serve, including candle light. i could choose from two yogurt types, and a lot of Puerari mirifica was added for me. As i cleared the table later, i already new to clean thoroughly the kitchen as well. i even started to clean the burned down dirt from the oven. i tried different detergents and tools and gradually i started to get it off the glass door of the oven.

At some point Mistress brought me an old rusty strap of a handbag and told me to sandpaper it for Her at the kitchen table. She came to read the newspaper by me.  A few times She inspected the work and told me to sand it further, then She accepted it and i could continue with the oven. She was happy i was finding work for myself.

Next She ordered a pear and as i got it for Her, i stayed by Her feet, and She spit stem in my hand and i had to run to the kitchen to deposit it to the waist basket and then again the core. Then started a long, long session of me reading Her book to her aloud, and finally it was my session time.  First it was pony training. She seems to like it. She told me to remove the pants, the condom became visible now. As a humiliation She improvised a head harness from a strap-on harness, and told me to keep my hands folded on top of my tits (which i however kept forgetting).

i had to bring downstairs her riding crop and a long spreader bar She is using as an obstacle. First it was rounds of low gait, then high stepping, then canter, then canter with an obstacle each round. She raised the bar each time until it was about 50cm high. It was becoming exhausting, and my sissy clit was flopping against my thighs, which made Mistress laugh. i got an erection a few times.

Next She told me to go find a dressage competition video, and plan a dressage show of my own to some music. A big carpet was cleared in the living room, that was the show area.  If the show was good, i would get a treat, otherwise a punishment. i planned and performed a show using the music from the dressage competition video. There were piaffe, passage, diagonal trot from corner to corner, Spanish walk, piaffe turning around, high stepping, regular trot etc.  A few times i had a problem with my balance but i think it went well. i was astonished when Mistress told me it was lousy, and i had not improved from last time. She told me i could rehearse the gaits during my free time, which i plan to do.

Well, next order was bedroom, where i was ordered on the floor on all fours. Only my wrists were tied together with wrist cuffs, head harness stayed on. A blanket was tossed on me, like the horse i was. i sweated under it until it was removed and Mistress fixed our newly arrived silicone electro loops around the middle of my sissy clit, keeping still the condom on the lower half of the sissy clit, and around my ball sac.  She used many different programs, going from mild to extra intensive. First all programs made me yelp, but i got the hang of it, and stayed clasping my hands together, the harder the more intensive the program. Some intensive programs drove me towards a forced cum, but She decided to stop before that, to keep my horniness intact.

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