Saturday, 30 December 2017

Chastity experiments

Christmas went fine, me being in chastity, now 19 days without release. W/we have had visitors (Lina&Mats) all the time so my next session, which i have been looking for as the previous one was cut short, has to be postponed, maybe over the New Year.

W/we decided to purchase a few cheap Chinese chastity cages to experiment with different ring sizes and cage lengths before purchasing the Behind Barz (which seems most likely now, if a bigger base rings ends the chafings).  W/we purchased also a plastic model which you can directly plug into electro, for use in sessions.

i experimented with a system of tying the Jailbird into my body. First just to my waist like this

Notice also tissue shortening the cage, and catching possible dribbles

However this pulled the cage up towards my waist, causing little chafing behind my balls which has been my weak spot. So i added a "perineum strap" to take the pressure off from behind my balls:

And i also gave little space for the cage to rest lower:
These are just experiments to find out which sort of device would be best for long term use. having balls drawn back with the perineum strap proved not working, as i experienced swelling in cock and balls during my workday on Thursday, and in the evening as i could be freed, there was chafing where the front of the ring rests. 

However it didn't cause a healing day without chastity, it meant i used yesterday in my lockable plastic pants, as i had a holiday with Mistress
In these of course i cannot pee or do #2 without begging Mistress to open the lock for me, so you have to be near keyholder with these.

These helped me heal and today and back in my Jailbird without my additional straps, feels nice!  Some of my new ordered cages have larger base rings, and if they are comfortable i will order BehindBarz with a similar base ring. In BehindBarz there is no risk of slipping out, and a PA bar is also available if that turns out to be necessary.

i also noticed my tits are quite visible under tight clothing now:


  1. Am impressed by how your breasts have developed, they look very good, Happy new year to you all.


  2. Thanks and Happy New Year!