Friday, 22 December 2017

Christmas, the slave and chastity

Yesterday was O/our last playtime before Christmas.  Toiling at work, i got home only at 7pm and Mistress was ready to start right away. "Clothes off". i got totally naked and knelt down in my chastity belt alone.

i was locked some 10-11 days ago and have gone without release. And this time i have been locked also by nights although it means waking up nearly every night!  i have been experimenting with ways to make my nights more endurable. The best solutions seem to be to shorten the cage and keep the cage against my body by tying a strap around my waste to contain it close to me. i shorten the cage by putting tissue in the tip of the cage, also to find out how short a cage i should get to my next chastity belt which could be BehindBarz, even though i am considering Latowski as well. My biggest problem seems to be that i am quite a grower, so my current MatureMetal jailbird starts to chafe behind my balls after continuous use of weeks, but on the other hand, without an extra strap or chain, it can just fall off my clit when i am at my smallest.  With BehindBarz system, the base ring may be larger without possibility to escape, but i am afraid it may start to chafe anyhow, and then it is an expensive miss for a purchase.

Back to O/our latest session. Because it was close to Christmas, i was given one garment alone, a Christmas hat with a big bobble at the tip. Mistress went on to dye Her eyebrows, and presented me a hubby-do list. First i had to meticulously clean and polish a large glass container that She wanted to full with candies for Christmas. The vessel had a lot of grooves that had each gathered grease near the stove, and each groove had to be individually scrubbed clean so work with that one container took about an hour, washing and drying it. i did my best and W/we were happy with the results. Then it was time to arrange things in the kitchen for tomorrow, clean and prearrange ingredients for some pies She intended to do tomorrow morning.

Next i had to prepare some fresh-salted salmon for Christmas. i did that following very closely a recipe She has chosen, and everything seemed fine, She even took a pic of me

i have been on a diet, now below 80kg for the first time in 5 years. The clit cage is "shortened" with tissue inside

However, it turned out i had taken the wrong salmon from the fridge.  It should have been a smaller one, because this one was intended for O/our pre-Christmas guests smoked.  i got so upset for myself for making that mistake that i argued back to Mistress that W/we could make the smoked salmon from the smaller one, because otherwise the only solution would be to remove and start from scratch again.  i argued back, and that made Mistress snap. She just stopped the whole session just like that and went away to read Her book. She didn't even say She stopped. i finished to hubby-do, reported that and got no response. Later i asked if the session was over and She confirmed. That brought tears to my eyes, so much i look forward to the weekly sessions. i cried in a dark bedroom for a long time. i have to understand as a slave i cannot argue back and mess with Mistress's plans. The filet was stripped of the salt like Mistress wanted and it was smoked today and it turned out fine. W/we have got over it and i hope to become a better slave.

Have a super Christmas!
Here you can see also the glass container cleaned

EDIT: Later i camer to think that the reason for crying was probably my high estrogen levels caused by the dutasteride and Pueraria mirifica. 

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