Friday, 8 December 2017

New red corset and a ruined corset

W/we have purchased a few items from Aliexpress, chinese toys etc.  Mistress decides what of them to use in the sessions. One of the items is a red corset, and yesterday i was told to wear it, and only it and a red condom (not to leak precum all over) for the whole duration of the session. i liked very much how especially my growing titties look in this corset, so i asked to take a few pics.
First there was the usual serving session. i was told to empty the dishwasher first, that implied to also fill it and clean the kitchen. Then there was some odd jobs, getting some stuff Mistress needed, bringing back some stuff, and each time i had to pass some of the windows which made me very self-conscious in my outfit.
i had to also keep up the fire in the fireplace, while i was told to dust the carpets in the balcony.  Fortunately the balcony faces away from the other houses, so nobody probably saw, me as i whad to go also to the cold winter weather in the red corset only.  i was also sent to check what we have in our extra freezer in the garage, and going there means i have to cross our yard.  i was told to put only shoes and an overcot on top of my scarce outfit. It was windy, and the wind grabbed my coat, and raised the hem, and momentarily even my condom was showing on the yard.
Back at the house She ordered Her supper sandwiches.  i had to eat mine from the floor without hands.  Somehow it made them taste better!  She didn't comment on my looks at all.
Finally i got the order to get to the bedroom, there my hands there shackled to leg of the bed, and a humbler (one of the new purchases) was attached to my balls.  she fixed it the other way, so that the curvy parts don't go along the form of thighs but the other way round. So the balls were pulled much more than then W/we tried the humbler first. Standing upright was impossible, and only on all fours there was no strain.
As i was on all fours with the humbler and tied hands, she grabbed my condomed clit from behind and started to milk it, bending it back.  It felt heavenly, and she continued it quite a long time, keeping a break, and leaving me for a while and then continuing.  She didn't edge me though. 
Next she took the electro kit, and started to put the electro straps around my clit. i remarked that condom prevents electro from penetrating, but she did not want to take the condom away, so she took a Hitachi, and told me to lift my ass up if i wanted to feel the Hitachi.
It was a very strenuous position, hands down, stooping on my spread feet, as she again bent my package back, and pushed the Hitachi right against my clit, repositioning it a couple of times nearer the tip. i was rock hard now, She also grabbed my balls, and soon i had to confess i was near the edge. She asked "How near" and dropped my package, and i didn't cum. But She grabbed it again, and renewed Her efforts.  i was soon nearing the edge again, and told Her so, and She removed everything again, pulling only the humbler, but i was now too far, and one squirt entered the tip of the condom.  i was sorry i came without permission, but She stated she wanted to give me a ruined, as i had been sessioned only 3 weeks previously (because of tigt schedules) and cum only more than a month previously.
The day before W/we had had a long session for Her, including me manipulating and licking Her nipples, licking Her pussy,  taking viagra and fucking with her without neither of U/us cumming.  She cums better with Her dildo, but She likes to cuddle with me.

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