Sunday, 17 December 2017

Playing hurt-ball

When the weekly D/s-session starts, i have always no idea if it is going to be a ruined orgasm for me or just T&D, or some other play.   This time the event carried extra interest, because i have been again in chastity from 10th Dec, and this time 24/7.  Nocturnal erections have prevented my from sleeping in the Mature Metal jail Bird earlier, now i have already been able to not wake up at all.  Anyway W/we are considering a more secure device, as i could cum also  in Jail Bird (although not easily) because it is so open, and allows caressing the "clit" through the bars.

This time i was sent upstairs first to undress totally and only wear my new breast harness, which makes my small tits stand out rather nicely, and a pair of leather briefs - and the cb of course. This was my uniform for the next 3 hours service, i don't always get to wear something sissy.

First She wanted an apple. i washed it and hurried to bring it to Her, kneeling and handing it to Her until She took it (after a wait). Next i was sent to wash toilets. As i had gone through them, Mistress checked them all, and gosh, i had polished all faucets poorly. She could find non-polished chrome by turning the knob fully. Also one hand mirror was not cleaned. All regular mirrors, door knobs, light switches, toilet bowls and sinks were OK :) However that was not a good start at all.

She said that Lina (who has moved out a couple of years ago) is calling Her soon, so next She told me to look up the recipe for red onion compote, and prepare 1 kg of it for Christmas (and probably whole spring). She talked a long phone call during that, and i had even time to take a couple of photos.

After the phone call ended i was made to run small errands, getting Her stuff from Her study, from upstairs, from the laundry room... i was on the move all the time, moving swiftly and always kneeling.  At some point i got mixed up and did not kneel as i reported Her about a completed chore. She was sitting down, so i was even higher than She was, which probably pissed Her off royally, so She barked

-What the hell! Why the fuck are you standing there? Have you totally forgotten how to report? Get on your knees this instant.

i sobbed my apologies and was really startled about my mistake and Her sudden outburst. She kept me kneeling there for a long time without moving as a punishment.

Next was preparing Her supper, including washing all kitchen surfaces and loading the dishwasher.  The supper was served in candlelight.

Suddenly She ordered me upstairs, session was about to start. i was given a posture collar, and told to open and remove my cb and fix my ball stretcher to which one can also fix weights.  With straps i was steered downstairs, where i was told to fill a bucket (the one i used to clean toilets) 1/4  full of water. i showed the bucket to Mistress, asking if there was too much. i thought at that time maybe it was even 1/3 full (=3 ,5 kg).  Mistress took a look but didn't order me to pour out anything. Instead i had to take two straps and fix the bucket to both sides of my metal ball stretcher.

As i was ready i was told to stand up. It meant i had to lift the bucket only with my balls!  W/we have never put so much weight on my poor balls, and it felt bad, but i managed to get the bucket up, but i could never straighten my legs.  i just could raise the bucket some 10cm from the floor!

She looked at my trying with a smile on her face, and encourage me to try harder.  my ball sac was now long as a stick, with s small set of red balls at the bottom. Then She gave me two tiny strips of papers, and told me to take them to thrash can.  It was in kitchen.  i tried to turn around to start my journey, but the movements made water waver and the pain got so excruciating i had to rest the bucket on the floor.

She calmly told me to get the paper shred to the trash anyway, and when i get to the kitchen trashcan, i can lessen my load at the same time. So i  had to start moving in little jerks, lifting the bucket a little at a time. However that caused the water again to waver, and some even splashed on the floor, making me very apologetic again.  Then finally just pulling the bucket on the floor with my balls. Finally i got there and i could lift the bucket, and pour most of the water away.  As 1 litre was left, i noticed i could keep my legs straight, so i returned. i noticed the only way to move at regular speed without the bucket hitting my legs was walking very spread-legged, swaying from side to side,  like sumo wrestlers sometimes do. 

i reported to Mistress, and had to stand at attention, the bucket still providing constant agony to my balls. She sent me to blow out half of the candles now, another anguished journey there and back spread legged. Then some waiting at attention again, and She sent me to get Her a peer. Finally i got sent to blow out the rest of the candles :) my balls were so sore already. But i had to get back upstairs still carrying the bucket, and only there i was allowed to remove it.  Now i was tossed another new implement ball vice, and i was told to put that in good use.

At first time i managed to get my smaller testicle to slip from between the plates, and i had to start again. The Chinese vice was not of best quality, but second time i got it working.  She shackled me on all fours, pulling the plate behind me thighs, threaded a strap around my clit and started pulling on the strap quite violently, providing partly painful, partly pleasurable sensations to my clit

The stimulation provided to my clit was wonderful and the session overall more than die for, but She took care not to have me cum and did not even edge me this time.  However She took photos of me which has been very rare!


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Your breasts look really good by the way.