Thursday, 11 January 2018

247 chastity break in period over

my problems with sleeping in the Jailbird are over. Now i have been in 247 chastity for a full month, of course with no release to cum. It is miraculous that body adapts to the device in a break in period of about 3 weeks. Maybe skin hardens too behind the balls and now my only problem is mentally adapting to the fact that most days and even weeks you cannot get hard at all, no matter how excited you are. i still insert an entire sheet of tissue paper through the bars into the top of the cage to make my 4" cage shorter than 3".  i emit precum from my flaccid dick, the tissue practically collects it as well.

My temporary string system and my everyday waist cincher 

Yesterday i gave my spare key to Mistress, as during the last week i have needed the key only for cleaning. Last night i woke up, not because of nocturnal erection, as those have been gone for long, but for a thought i can not get out any more, The device is now like a wedding ring stuck in your finger and mot possible to remove and it can cause anxiety. i think i entered the mental break in period now.

W/we have decided to tie the device to the body by the base ring. It actually feels better that way as the ring sits tightly against the pubic bone and an erection can not push the device off the body. W/we have found so far that the best solution is a belt tightly round your narrowest waist, and a shoestring tied from it to the front and back of the base ring. It can be so tight the ring is pressed slightly "into" the body. The only problem is pressure of the string against the tail bone when sitting in a car, but it motivates you to sit straight and not slouch. W/we use a soft cloth square in the crack under the string because the back string has to be extra tight to take pressure of the base ring off the back of your ball sac.

Base ring tight to the body

Back of the base ring tied to back of the waist through the ass crack

i can remove the strings and make them tighter or loser, but i rarely do as i can have number two like they do in a Neosteel, by pulling the string slightly to the side. i go to shower each morning with the device on and Mistress requires a thorough daily was through the bars. The strings and the belt strap dry quickly against body heat. i grease the skin around the base ring after the shower and before sleeping, so that the device can be rotated easily.

In the
In the shower

With the strings tightly in place it is impossible to pull out as well, which used to be my problem, Well W/we will go to even more secure belts in the future.

i have added photos which i took of my morning chores as i have time to upload them. i will also upload a video of me learning to excite my growing nipples and tits. They are available to me all the time and form an obvious substitute for masturbating my locked clit.
No bulge, sideview in underwear

Boobs don't show much under regular clothes

EDIT If the back string puts pressure on the tail bone, it is too tight, and can cause swelling. The cage must not be pulled too far between the legs as it can restrict blood flow.

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