Thursday, 4 January 2018

Electro & serving

Right after the Holidays were over and i got back to work, i got a WA message from Mistress stating She wants Her slave to report at 6pm sharp. 

i had been using the Jailbird now regularly, day and night, it was my 24th day of chastity without release. i have not even seen the key now for many days, which is my record.

As i got home i noticed She was wearing Her new wide black leather skirt, length below knee. 6om She told me to undress everything, and put the lockable plastic panties on. That was my serving attire (picture from an odd angle above). It felt nice o have nothing under the plastic except for chastity cage.

She had a chore list for me, giving me one chore at a time. First was scrubbing the tub. She came sitting on a sofa nearby reading Her mag, supervising me.  It was a good costume for such a moist job. Then it was cleaning kitchen and some odd jobs. 

Once i forgot to kneel as i reported, and She told me angrily to always kneel while reporting! 

Soon it was time for a one hour tv show She wanted to watch. She kept me kneeling and  looking at Her for some time, then She wanted me to watch the show, but finally She sent me to prepare Her a fruit sallad, a small bowl of apple, orange and banana. As i served it, She sent me to arrange some laundry. As i was just in the laundry room, She called for me. "Too large chunks, chop it into smaller pieces" "Yes, Mistress"
i halved each piece, and apoligized as i served it again. Next She told me exactly wht kind of sandwich She wanted for supper and made me prepare it and one for myself which i had kneeling.

She announced the biggest chore was still to come. She made me get Her recipe book ans She started giving me orders one by one, to get and peel ingredients, mix them etc. i didn't know what dish i was preparing! It turned out i prepared Her a mushroom omelette roll, which She is going to eat tomorrow.

As the roll was ready, She had me kneeling a very long while on the hard kitchen floor, perfectly still, while She read a long story in Here magazine, i could only watch Her slowly turning pages. i didn't say anything, and waited patiently, and finally She told me to go the bedroom, remove the plastic panties and kneel waiting for Her.

She went to Her computer to find some inspiration of the photo collection of activities i have gathered for Her, while i waited against a mirror, looking at myself.

After anther wait She entered, got the humbler and dropped it behind me, "Put it on". It was not easy to but the humbler on with Jailbird still on as well, but as i had it on, the cage was bent backwards and i couldn't get up any more and stayed on all fours, back arched. She threw me the tit harness, and next ankle and wrist bracelets, and agilely i got them on as well. Next She tied my wrists to a radiator in front of me so my arms were stretched up and away, and fitted a long spreader bar between my ankles. 

Still She got out new stuff and put electrode stickers somewhere on my crotch. Later She told me one was on my balls and the other between my belly and clit. i thought they were on either side on my ball sac as She turned it on. She chose different pulses, i don't know which they were, She is the expert on them now and i just suffer or enjoy. She gradually increased the power, using pleasurable or neutral pulses, i felt like fucked with electro. 

She then tied the pleasure bar up to the footboard of the bed, so only my forehead and knees touched the floor, as She had the electro churning. She also took out impact instruments, and started to simultaneously whack my ass, and balls with a slapper, a crop and then our new purchase, a rattan cane. i whimpered from each touch of the cane on my balls, although She didn't use excess force there. It was the first time of being electro'ed and spanked!

She was thorough, it was already 11pm as She finally stopped that, freed my hands from the radiator and told me to kneel up. She let me under Her leather skirt as the electro was still forcefully churning me, and told me to lick her pussy, She had removed Her panties! i could get my tongue just far enough to reach Her pussy, but the humbler made it very strenuous to get past Her upper thighs, so i licked mostly Her thighs, and only a short while at a time her pussy, but loved every second!

She withdrew, and took a slapper and started beating me tits. This was also the first time my tits have been spanked. Tit spanking has been on my wish list, but She used a lot of force, and really made my tits suffer, so i wailed, and did not enjoy much.  She even changing it to riding crop, the result were bruised red tits, see below. And all the while the electro was on and chastity cage was not removed at any stage. The chastity cage even had a long spike facing my clit root.

i was so used i welcomed the end of the session even though i had not even been edged. Now it is 25th day in chastity. This morning i noticed the spike had caused some bruising so it was replaced by a dull peg.

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