Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Mistress's plans

i got an anonymous email inquiry:

Does she want you to fully transition to female dress one day? Or just to have manboobs some cross dressing? 

Actually yesterday Mistress took me to a long walk in the evening and wanted to discuss O/our D/s so i answer in more detail.  She has been quite happy with the current arrangement. W/we try to have Her session on Saturdays in the future. Sometimes She may omit a session if She doesn't want sex. Towards the summer W/we will prepare some new bondage play facilities in a garden shed, where i can be hoisted up and hang from a beam, head up or head down.

Currently W/we have a D/s session once a week. She plans to add surprise weekend trips, where i will be in slave mode. i will not know beforehand about Her plans, i just have to chaeffeur Her, open doors, act politely etc. This could be partly public play as well. She will acknowledge my sub status at other times too, and She has already done that, by grabbing my ball forcefully in bed, while naked in O/our private pool etc.

She does not probably want me totally feminized. W/we have tried that, but it seems impossible to make me (at this age) attractive as a female, and first of all She wants me to look attractive. However, i am on a diet, now under 80kg, and maybe as i get a very narrow waist, She will test my looks again.  She does plug my eyebrows though, and i use panties often, and a soft corset nearly always. If i need a break from the corset, i just ask Her. Some of my pubic hair has grown back so i will take another laser treatment soon. So i am becoming a hairless sissy with real boobs, but mostly live as a male.

Part of my daily routine i eat pueraria mirifica on top of my sandwiches, and i also eat a new slave gruel once or twice day.

It consists of psyllium, cold water, soy kibble, vinegar for (bad) taste, little salt, and a lessening amount of honey. First there was more honey, now very little, maybe nothing soon. Just mixed together, no heating. A few weeks ago i had never heard of psyllium. It is a basic ingredient of gluten-free bread, it is 85% fibre so it helps lose weight. It is also used to cleanse bowels, e.g. it is used for horses that have tendency to eat sand.

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