Saturday, 27 January 2018

Nearly got to cum

It was session night yesterday!  i had also this week been to my second laser hair removal treatment for my entire crotch area. So it was smooth as baby skin again, but Mistress, probably deliberately, did not focus any attention there. She told me to undress totally and only wear my leather briefs along with my cb which i was told to cover so that it does not leak precum - i used a condom on the cage.

Mistress had made a long list of chores, She lied pleasurably on the sofa reading Her eBook , and dropped an order at a time.  However She was again very demanding. As my footsteps were not fast enough for Her, She told me off in severe words, She demanded She was served enthusiastically.  Even though She wanted me to run to Her after each chore was completed, She might leave me kneeling for a good time in complete stillness before the next command.

i had to steam all the floors this time with a steam cleaner, prepare a supper, change bedclothes, make Her a foot bath etc etc. Foot bath included drying and kissing Her feet and all toes as well. Once She asked me if i wanted some extra errands, and i was like "Well,i...." She got angry, and told me i should always be enthusiastic to do any extra chores She might have for me, and She got me deeper in sub space immediately.

Finally as i followed Her upstairs, She started to browse my idea files, and just told me to turn around so i could not see what folders She examined and how long. After a while She told me to follow Her to bedroom,. i got a poster collar, ankle and wrist restraints, and an order to put them on. As i was done She said She was happy i imprisoned myself again for Her.

Now She brought my hands behind my back and tied my wrists to the back of my collar drawing my hands near shoulder blades. She told me to fall on the floor, and get on my belly which i did. She hogtied my ankles now to my wrists and out on a blindfold and left me to ponder my uncomfortable position in complete darkness, my cheek and junk against the floor.

Soon She returned though, told me to lift my head off the floor, pushed something under my head and told me to eat. It was not something pleasant i found with my probing mouth, smelled like fish. Later i found out it was fish meant for our cat. However She guided me to lick the plate clean and the bits i had pushed off it too.

Now a change of headgear was in order, the complete leather hood was pushed on my head, and zipped closed. It works as a rebreather as there are only two small holes for breathing. i had to concentrate in my breathing.

She told me to shuffle on the floor on my belly, which was really difficult hogtied, but a little by little i inched forward. Finally She told me to stop and unzipped my briefs, exposed my butt. i was now position right for the Hitachi and switched it on.

Now i was allowed to try to get off on the vibration while caged!  She pressed it strongly against my balls, perineum and asshole. However this was the week i had been least horny during my nearly 2 month chastity, and i had trouble getting off. i tried to get my cage lie along the floor so that She could press it against the wall with the wand, but mostly She concentrated on vibrating my balls which of course was very nice and radiated to my clit, making me pant in ecstasy. But She got tired of this and declared the session was over! i'm still hot and horny now as i write this.


  1. Dear slave, how do I call you?
    I have a question about pm how long do you take it and how far will you go with your breast enlarging.
    Do you wear bras?
    A sub male from the netherlands

    1. I think the current status is about as large as they will grow. Under the influence of estrogen or phytoestrogen they grow until they reach some personal target level and then they stop growing no matter what and after that only surgery can help. I will not go into that.

    2. And i don't regularly wear bras even though W/we have bought some for me.